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    What Type of Bike Rider are You?

    By Darragh Devaney, Operations Manager
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    Match the Best Ireland Bike Trips to You

    So, you’d love to bike across the Irish countryside, but you aren’t sure what type of bike rider you are? Never fear, we’re here to help you choose the kind of tour that suits you best! We’ve organised our bike trips into several categories to help you match yourself to the bike trip that is just perfect for you. Still not sure? Feel free to contact us – our friendly staff will help you decide!

    Read the descriptions below to choose what type of bike rider you are.

    1. The Chill Rider

    You like to bike – but you also like to relax. You want to see Ireland from a bike saddle but you also want a relatively easy and stress-free week where you get to mix workout with relaxation in Ireland’s dramatic landscapes.

    Staying off-the-beaten-path is important to you. You’re the type of bike rider that prefers a carefree and variable itinerary.

    Bike Lough Gill, Sligo - Chill type of bike rider

    Biking Lough Gill, perfect for chill riders

    This type of bike rider appreciates a laid-back literary – which matches perfectly with the Sligo & Donegal Bike and Yoga Escape! With this tour, combine two activities in one – biking & yoga. Exercise the body while exercising the mind as well.

    Bike through the little-known counties Sligo and Donegal and discover the some of Ireland’s best secret corners.

    The pace is easy and the route flexible – though varied! Check out some of Europe’s top surfing spots, walk along quiet beaches, take in beautiful valleys and windswept landscapes.

    This tour is designed for beginner cyclists, or those who simply want to slow down the pace and enjoy Ireland’s most laid-back regions.

    2. The Traditionalist

    You’re the type of bike rider who loves the classics. You want to interact with your destination, learn about the history and the culture as well as pedal through some of Ireland’s most iconic and beautiful landscapes.

    You like a little bit of a challenge but not so much that it may detract from the experience. You want to make sure you visit a few Irish landmarks, but you also like the idea of biking along the back roads.

    Connemara biking Ireland

    Cycling through Connemara National Park, perfect for traditional riders

    Tick all the boxes on this tour! With a more moderate pace, this tour is designed for people with some cycling experience without an overly-challenging pace.

    Don’t miss out on the classics like Connemara National Park, the dramatic Cliffs of Moher, the exposed limestone of the Burren National Park or the Gaelic communities on the Aran Islands – experienced from a new perspective. You’ll get a mix of classic and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

    With this trip, you’ll get to cycle Kerry’s three famous peninsulas – the Beara, the Iveragh (home to famed Ring of Kerry) and the Dingle Peninsulas, ending at Ireland’s western-most point, Slea Head, on the Dingle Peninsula.You’ll bike across the vast County Kerry, being sure to hit many of Kerry’s top spots. Though a little bit more of a challenge, this trip will take you through Kerry’s most beautiful and iconic spots while being on a bike means you’ll avoid the busy tourism hotspots.

    This trip is designed for those with biking experience and who are looking for a challenge. While there’s no need to be a pro, the type of bike rider for this trip is someone who rides routinely, and has perhaps completed a multi-day biking trip before.

    Expect some climbs, but know that our support van will always be there to give you a break if needed.

    3. The Challenger

    Donegal has many challenging hills!

    ‘Challenge’ is your middle name! You like physically demanding itineraries that lets you put your skills to test. You prefer dramatic natural landscapes with hills and summits. You prefer point-to-point routes since a sense of accomplishment is very important to you.

    While you enjoy learning about Ireland’s cultural and historical heritage, you’re the type of bike rider who appreciates spending most of your day on two wheels exploring the wilds.

    This trip is our most challenging, covering roughly 300 miles. You’ll explore three of our national parks, cross several peninsulas, and you’ll cover much of the Wild Atlantic Way. In fact, you’ll start at Ireland’s most southerly point – Mizen Head – and end at the island’s most northerly point, Malin Head.

    This trip is designed for people looking for a challenge and who have some biking experience – perhaps having completed a multi-day biking tour in the past. Expect some climbs but know there will be plenty of opportunities to stop, take a break and enjoy the view! Daily distance usually ranges from 30-50 miles with varying terrain.

    For those who want a challenge, but prefer to get to know one region like the back of your hand, head to the remote and rugged County Donegal. Stand atop some of Europe’s highest sea cliffs, explore the eerie landscapes and idyllic castle at Glenveagh National Park, and pedal some of Ireland’s most classic bike climbs like the Mamore Gap. You’ll be rewarded with stunning views and mouth-watering seafood!

    This trip is shorter than the Wild Atlantic Way, but includes a fair bit of climbing. The wild factor in Donegal is not to be taken lightly. Roads may be less maintained than in the southwest.


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    Meet the Author: Darragh Devaney

    Joining Wilderness Ireland in 2015, Darragh is our Trip Operations Manager. He's also Wilderness Ireland's resident cycling expert! Darragh has travelled throughout the world - cycling across France, living abroad in South Korea, travelling through Canada and the US, but still prefers cycling in Ireland to anywhere else!

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