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    The Origins of Halloween

    Deposit From: €1,174€1,174
    Region: Multi-Location
    Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights

    All you need to know about your trip, this essential document is a must for all adventures.

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      Trip Overview

      Created by: Darragh Devaney

      Did you know that Halloween can trace its roots back to Ireland? Halloween originates from an ancient pagan festival called Samhain (pronounced “saw-when”), which marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter.

      It’s also the time of year when the ancient Celtic people believed that the door between our world and the “other” world was open. So you wore disguises, left out offerings, and played tricks to ensure the spirits didn’t bring you off to the other world.

      Leave the summer crowds behind and visit Ireland at the most fascinating – and spookiest – time of year. This autumn, visit Ireland to discover the origins of Halloween on your very own private tour of Ireland.

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      Day by Day

      Day 1 – The Dark Side of Dublin Read More

      Day 1

      The Dark Side of Dublin

      Arriving in Dublin, discover the roots of this great city with a historian who will introduce you to all of Dublin’s traditional sights – as well as Dublin’s spookier underbelly. Dublin has a long and troubled history – get acquainted with this cosmopolitan city through those who have called Dublin home, from the Celts, Vikings, and Normans to early Christians. Discover Dublin in the Middle Ages through the various rebellions, the Victorian era, the Easter Rising, the War of Independence, and the Troubles.

      Meals Included: Lunch and Dinner

      Day 2 – Glasnevin Cemetery & Dublin’s Mummies Read More

      Day 2

      Glasnevin Cemetery & Dublin’s Mummies

      Egypt’s not the only place for mummies – Dublin has mummies too. From the creepy half-forgotten crypt underneath St Michan’s Church to accidental mummies of a cat and rat in the Christ Church Cathedral, or even the ancient but well-preserved bog bodies at the National Archeology Museum, Dublin is full of mummies. Any visit to Ireland near Halloween should include at least one cemetery. With a passionate local historian, wander the rows of tombstones through the massive Glasnevin Cemetery in the oldest section of the graveyard.

      Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

      Day 3 – Rathcroghan, Gateway to the Underworld Read More

      Day 3

      Rathcroghan, Gateway to the Underworld

      Heading west, leave the city behind to head into the quiet, desolate landscapes of the Midlands. County Roscommon’s ancient site at Rathcroghan is where the ancient kings of Connacht were once crowned. Off the traditional tourist path, head down a tiny laneway to find the entrance to a cave reputed to be the Gateway to the Otherworld or the Gateway to Hell. Spend the rest of the afternoon in fascinating Galway, where we join the festive seasonal atmosphere just in time to experience the famous Macnas Halloween Parade, full of brilliant costumes, fireworks, music, street food, and dance, creating a magical-realist world brimming with fizzing light, and infusing the streets with spices and aromas.

      Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

      Day 4 – The Wilds of Connemara Read More

      Day 4

      The Wilds of Connemara

      Leaving the city behind, we head for the wilds of Connemara. Though a popular place to visit in the summer months, by autumn, we’ll likely have much of the wilds to ourselves. Heading to the Connemara seashore, you’ll join a seashore foraging expert to learn about the Atlantic Coast’s edible seaweeds. Later, we visit a shellfish farm to learn about aquaculture in Connemara and taste some of the fresh seafood dishes incorporating seafood grown on the farm and sea plants foraged along the shore.

      Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

      Day 5 – The Ancient Hill of Uisneach Read More

      Day 5

      The Ancient Hill of Uisneach

      The Hill of Uisneach in the heart of Ireland has played a part in almost all of the significant events in Ireland, be it political, cultural, religious, mythological, or geographical. In many ways, the Hill of Uisneach is the epicentre of Ireland and is still revered as an ancient sacred site. The centre of Ireland, the enigmatic hill, is one of the world’s most sacred and historic sanctuaries in many ways. The view from the top of Uisneach is both beautiful and far-reaching. Immerse yourself in Ireland’s fascinating ancient history by visiting the Hill of Uisneach with a local expert and archaeologist who will bring to life the history of this long-sacred place.

      Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

      Day 6 – Dublin & Depart Read More

      Day 6

      Dublin & Depart

      On your final day, enjoy a leisurely morning and breakfast at your accommodation in Dublin before heading home or continuing onwards to your next destination.

      Meals Included: Breakfast

      Private Departures
      The Origins of Halloween

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      Private Departures
      The Origins of Halloween

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      Trip Details

      Accommodation Read More

      While visiting Ireland, expect Deluxe level of accommodation. Relax in boutique hotels, stately guesthouses, and beautiful manors. Each Deluxe accommodation has been chosen for its high comfort standards and service, its scenic location, and its lovely amenities.

      On this deluxe tour, you will experience all of the excitement of a hiking adventure paired with the comfort and luxuriousness of deluxe accommodations. More than just a place to sleep, your accommodations play an active role in your Irish experience.

      Inclusions Read More

      This trip includes the following:

      • 5 nights accommodation in hand-picked, family-run guesthouses, B&Bs & boutique hotels
      • Meals as indicated, incl. all breakfasts and lunches
      • The services of an experienced and knowledgeable guide/driver throughout
      • All transport throughout the trip, starting and finishing in Dublin
      • Activities as stated in the itinerary, including:
        • Dublin historical walking tour
        • Guided tour of Glasnevin Cemetery
        • Guided tour of St Michan’s Church Crypt
        • Seashore foraging & shellfish farm
        • Archaeological tour of the Hill of Uisneach

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      Darragh Devaney

      One of our team members, Darragh is Wilderness Ireland’s Operations Manager. As the team’s resident bike expert, Darragh has helped research, design and even guide nearly all of Wilderness Ireland’s bike trips. When not in the office, Darragh can usually be found exploring a little-known corner of Ireland on two wheels or camping in the countryside with his family.

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