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    We are introducing self guided walking trips in Ireland this year. Each of our self guided walking trips are designed to take you on a journey to explore Ireland’s amazing scenery and fantastic history – all at your own pace, with your own private group.

    Self guided walking trips are ideal for anyone who wants to escape to rural Ireland without the hassle of researching, planning or reserving. With your own group, choose the trip that suits you best to hike at your own pace through Ireland’s beautiful and varied landscapes. Whether this means making plenty of photo stops, adding on extra mileage or challenging yourself to the summit, self guided trips allow you to enjoy your trip plenty of flexibility.

    From the lush woodlands and valleys of Wicklow to the rugged peaks of Kerry, escape to the wilds of Ireland to explore the beautiful backcountry without the feeling that you’re holding anyone else up.

    Let Us Take Care of the Details Read More

    On a Wilderness Ireland self guided tour, you and your group will be walking on your own, but with 24-hour support from our office team for any assistance, you might need. Before departing on your trip, you’ll also be provided with detailed route notes and regional maps. And of course, we will handle all necessary luggage transfers so that you can walk along a linear route and enjoy the scenery without thinking about your bags.

    You’ll journey from hotel to hotel through some of Ireland’s most beautiful places, knowing that once you walk through that door after a day on the trails, your bags will be waiting for you, and you can kick back and relax by an open fire with a pint in hand.

    Long distance walking trails in Ireland aren’t as well known as other countries, but we have some really lovely walks in Ireland waiting to be discovered! The stunning Wicklow Way is home to emerald valleys, thick woodland, and the amazing world-renowned heritage site, Glendalough Monastic city. Or, how about the iconic Dingle Way, with the added bonus of exploring the historic pilgrimage route of Mount Brandon?

    You certainly don’t need to be an expert hiker to take on a self guided holiday, however, you do need to be more self-reliant. To book any of our self guided trips, we require you to be travelling with at least one other person. If you are travelling on your own, we hope that you will be interested in joining one of our small group guided hiking trips.

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    Every client receives a feedback survey when they return from their guided, self guided or tailor made holiday with us. Once completed the review is published on our website just as soon as our database updates. The little touches and details are important to us and where issues are raised we make positive changes to our trips to improve your experience.

    That’s why we read each of our client’s reviews and although we don’t respond to all of them, if it’s glowing feedback then we get the satisfaction of helping to make your holidays truly memorable.


    Darice Henritze

    Self Guided Walking - The Dingle Way

    Age: 50 - 60
    Country: USA
    Trip Date: 09/05/2024
    Trips Taken: 1

    The Bottom Line

    The Bottom Line

    What an amazing and life-changing experience. This wasn’t just a hike, but a chance to immerse in the wonders of Ireland. The people who live Ireland are absolutely amazing. So friendly and welcoming. The country is diverse - both wild and tame at the same time. You will leave getting a great sense of how they live, what they appreciate, and you’ll take with you a desire to come again.


    George Hymas

    Self Guided Walking - The Wicklow Way

    Age: 80 - 90
    Country: United States
    Trip Date: 05/10/2023
    Trips Taken: 1

    The Bottom Line

    The Bottom Line

    I would happily do it again, I really enjoyed myself even through the difficult weather day. At 80 years old I still enjoy traveling on foot and the Wicklow Way gave me the opportunity to continue my hiking with fellow travelers. I would urge caution when using sections off trail, the roads are very narrow in some areas and vehicles sometimes do not expect pedestrians to be on the roads. I had several close calls with lorries. If you are considering an Ireland vacation contact Wilderness Ireland, you won't be disappointed.


    Donna Cassese

    Self Guided Walking - The Dingle Way

    Age: 70 - 80
    Country: United States
    Trip Date: 02/09/2023
    Trips Taken: 1

    The Bottom Line

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