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    Experience Design

    Crafting Your Perfect Adventure

    From our talented custom trip designers to our expert local guides, we take pleasure in sharing Ireland with our guests. This passion, combined with the expertise to design and deliver perfectly tailored adventures, ensures a unique and unforgettable experience.

    Crafting the perfect trip means creating moments that are authentic, bespoke and provided with intent. It isn’t simply organising a visit to a distillery because you mentioned you like whiskey or hiking in a beautiful location.

    It’s an intimate, considered and imaginative journey.

    It’s about blending our knowledge and experience with what brings you joy to allow you to experience Ireland in a way that is uniquely authentic to you. Our aim is to surpass the expected, and instead curate and create transformative travel experiences.

    Our passion for travel, combined with the expertise to design and deliver perfectly tailored trips, ensures unique and unforgettable adventures across the Emerald Isle.

    Introducing the Custom Travel Team

    Meet our in-house team of dedicated trip designers who are passionate about providing bespoke
    adventures in Ireland that are tailored perfectly to you.

    Patricia Doe

    Head of Travel

    Patricia is an expert at designing inspired and hand-crafted itineraries. With a background in hospitality and luxury accommodation, Patricia is uniquely qualified to build top-quality trips that blend activity and luxury.

    Meet Patricia

    Louise Kavanagh

    Louise Kavanagh

    Custom Trip Designer

    Louise uses her lifelong knowledge of Ireland’s wild spaces to design exciting, one-of-a-kind trips. Caring and quick to laugh, Louise will immediately put you at ease and ensure you feel impeccably taken care of.

    Meet Louise


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