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    Luxury travel Ireland

    Moments of indefinable joy are more often than not a surprise.

    Witnessing a pod of dolphins or seals playing alongside your boat.
    Uncovering traces of your past while walking your ancestral homeland.
    The glow of a midsummer sunset warming the valley from a rugged hilltop.

    Our custom luxury trips are inspired by these kinds of extraordinary moments.

    For us, luxury doesn’t only mean excellence, comfort and decadence. True luxury is in the details. It’s the personal attention, the ability to listen to your wish list and craft unique experiences just for you. It’s the knowledge and expertise gained over decades, and the pride we feel when we can share our beautiful country with you.

    We want to know what brings you joy. What does your ideal trip to Ireland look like? Whether you have a specific destination in mind, or just the desire to discover the country, history and people, our team of expert trip designers will create a trip that starts and ends with you.

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    Whether you have a specific destination in mind or simply an inkling that Ireland might be next on your list, ignite anticipation by checking out some of our sample itineraries.

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    Luxury Travel

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    With several years of experience delivering custom travel in Ireland and a lifetime of working, living and exploring this beautiful island, we do more than just logistics. Work one-on-one with your knowledgeable and imaginative trip designer to craft a custom trip perfectly tailored to you.

    From the start, we’ve cherished our local connections. Whether it’s knowing the best activity providers, the perfect pub, or the most captivating local characters and experts, we understand that truly memorable trips are built on genuine relationships.

    This ethos, combined with our passion for sharing the beauty of Ireland, means that we work with the finest guides in the business. Knowledgeable, friendly and professional, our guides are committed to going the extra mile to create unforgettable experiences for you.

    It’s these relationships that allow us to create the seamless, transformative, and meaningful experiences unique to Wilderness Ireland.

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    We work with exclusive accommodation providers throughout Ireland, meaning that during your trip, you’ll stay in some of the best-kept secrets in the business. For a touch of classic luxury, you can choose from lavish castles to beautifully-restored mansions and sumptuous hotels, we provide unique experiences by day and luxury accommodation by night.

    Or try something different, such as a lovingly-restored lighthouse perched on an island cliff, the unique experience of waking up in a treehouse bubble dome in the woods, or perhaps exclusive-use converted coastguard cottages on a windswept private island. Regardless of what your preference may be, we provide unique experiences by day and luxury accommodation by night.

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    Luxury Travel

    Why Wilderness?

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    A company built on a dedication to sharing, preserving and protecting our wild corners for generations to come, Wilderness Ireland is industry-leading in our commitment to design and deliver world-class travel experiences in a sustainable and responsible way. lLearn more about what sets us apart.

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