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    What to Pack - Top 5 Items to Take on a Bike Trip in Ireland

    What will you need to wear and pack on your next bike trip to Ireland? Find out here.

    By Darragh Devaney, Operations Manager
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    What to Pack – Top 5 Items to Take on a Bike Trip in Ireland

    So you’ve been on a bike trip in Tuscany and now you are looking for something different this year – you went crazy and booked a Wilderness Ireland biking trip!

    But now you keep thinking of John Wayne in The Quiet Man and wondering why he wasn’t wearing Board Shorts and Ray-Bans. Help is at hand – you can leave that snow parka in the garage and just grab these 5 items.

    1. Waterproof Jacket

    Many people travelling to Ireland believe it will rain constantly – and then they come away pleasantly surprised, since Ireland is not even in the top ten countries with the highest average rainfall! The reason a rain jacket makes this list is because the weather can be unpredictable. Sure, you need that Goretex on hand, because you never know what weather system will greet you around the next corner, but you won’t be wearing it constantly.

    The Right Bike Clothes

    Biking in Connemara

    Upper Body

    • We recommend you start with base layer t-shirts or cycling jerseys – avoiding cotton. We offer all of our road cycling guests a complementary Wilderness Ireland branded road cycling jerseys made by Endura with great breathable and wicking fabric.
    • Next, pack some long-sleeved base layers. Ireland can be chilly and its ever-changing weather means you want to be prepared for those colder moments. We recommend Merino wool long-sleeved tops, perhaps these ones by Endura for Men and Women.
    • Lightweight fleece jacket or gilet. These are a great option to be able to whip on during a stop or picnic and are surprisingly windproof and cosy for something so light. We also love the elasticated armholes to ensure they’re not restricting while riding. For Women and Men.
    • Lightweight, waterproof and windproof jacket. Ultra-lightweight and packable jackets for Men and Women. Be sure to bring a jacket specifically designed for cycling so you don’t have an unnecessary hood and the jacket is long enough to fit correctly when in the biking position.

    Lower Body

    • Padded lycra cycling shorts (or trousers). So you’ve fat-biked the Appalachian Trail and your bum is tougher than John McClane in Die Hard. Bear in mind that underneath it all, your rear-end is actually a sensitive soul, especially on a new saddle, makig padded shorts perhaps the most important item in terms of riding comfort! Never tried lycra bib shorts? They may feel a little silly or strange at the start, but the extra level of comfortable on the saddle on a week-long trip is ideal. We recommend these well-fitted but breathable ones from Endura for Women and Men. Tight-fitting shorts not for you? How about these baggy shorts for Women and Men which include padded liners.
    • Leggings or longs for riding. For those colder rides, particularly if you’re visiting in Spring or autumn, it’s worth bringing some leggings such as these for Men and Women. They are warm and snug while the ankle zips mean they’re quick to get on and off during a ride. Do note that even a summer cycling trip to Ireland can have chilly mornings or drops in temperature, so we recommend bringing them even for summer trips.
    • Lightweight waterproof trousers/pants. Such as these waterproof but breathable unisex trousers.

    2. Camera

    Top 5 Items to Take on a Cycling Holiday in Ireland Camera

    The ever-changing light in Ireland provides a dynamic flow of opportunities and challenges for those in search of the perfect pic, not to mention sweeping landscapes, marvellous beaches, ancient castles and colourful pubs. Wilderness Ireland’s optional handlebar bags might increase the wind resistance, but they are the perfect place to pop the camera for easy access. And after all, what’s the rush?

    3. Cycling Footwear & Comfortable Walking Shoes

    Tour de France Ireland bike

    For biking:

    • Trainers or cycling shoes. If you are most comfortable “clip-in” shoes, then don’t forget to pack the pedals and shoes you are used to you’re ready to use. It may be worth getting a touring shoe that clips in but also can be comfortably walked in for those scenic stops during each ride? In that case, we recommend these Women’s shoes from Shimano  and similar options for Men. Your guide will help you fit the pedals on your bike on Day 1.
    • Socks for riding. It may seem overkill to get cycling specific socks! However, these Merino wool socks are silky on your feet, breathable and naturally odour resistant.
    • Neoprene overshoes if you tend to get cold feet. If you experience cold toes regularly when you’re riding these overshoes are a great option to keep your shoes and feet more protected and insulated. They fit over a variety of shoe and clip-in combinations.

    For walking:

    But I’m going on a bike trip? You sure are, and of course you should bring your cycling shoes. 

    However, you may also want to explore an out of-the-way ruin in the evening, walk along the famous Cliffs of Moher or take a stroll on a secluded beach. Ireland is littered with historical and archaeological curiosities which are certainly worth a short scramble for. You may also want to change out of cycling shoes once you get back to the van for a bit more comfort.

    So, we recommend that you bring a pair of tennis shoes/trainers along with you, in addition to whatever casual wear you may want to bring for dinners, evenings, etc.

    4. Saddles, Pedals, Helmets & More

    Saddle: Of course we provide bike saddles on our bikes! But some people are attached to their gear and may elect to bring your own saddle.

    Pedals: If you are using clip-in shoes, bring your own pedals to ensure everything fits. Your guide will help you fit your pedals on Day one during your bike fitting.

    Helmets: We have plenty of helmets of varying sizes, but some people may elect to bring their own. If this is the case, be sure you bring one that fits and is highly certified.

    Gloves are a must, either fingered on fingerless depending on how chilly your hands get. Find full fingered options here – for Men and Women, or opt for unisex fingerless mitts for Women and Men.

    Water: Of course you need water! You’ve probably heard about the negative effects of single-use plastics. For that reason, we do not recommend or provide plastic bottles. We recommend you bring a reusable water bottle. We do have large water containers in the van to refill your bottle en route.

    5. Your Drinking Hat

    Top 5 Items to Take on a Cycling Holiday in Ireland Walking Drinking Hat

    Not the same as your drunk hat! There are many whiskies, beers, wines, distilleries, breweries and of course, pubs to be discovered. But really it is the many cosy and characterful pubs, which have been a central part of Irish society for so long that they’ve become a star attraction! You don’t need to let even a drop of alcohol pass your lips to enjoy the unique atmosphere of these places, as great food is an increasingly common feature.


    Bike Rental

    Some cyclists may opt to bring their own bikes with them for their biking trip. However most visitors will find lugging a cumbersome bike box around the world can hinter your travels, adding unnecessary stress (not to mention the fear of lost or damaged luggage).

    Many of our travellers on bike trips opt instead to rent or hire bikes from us. We currently have 3 bike types, Road, Hybrid, and E-bike, all made by top cycling designer, TREK.

    Learn About Bike Rental

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    Meet the Author: Darragh Devaney

    “Joining Wilderness Ireland in 2015, Darragh is our Trip Operations Manager. He's also Wilderness Ireland's resident cycling expert! Darragh has travelled throughout the world - cycling across France, living abroad in South Korea, travelling through Canada and the US, but still prefers cycling in Ireland to anywhere else!”

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