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    Island Hopping Tours

    Discover our collection of island-hopping tours that sail to Ireland’s beautiful habited and uninhabited islands such as Skellig Michael, the Aran Islands, Rathlin Island, Inisbofin or even Clare Island. Explore the islands of Ireland by hiking, biking or paddling, visiting ancient forts and castles, enjoying dramatic panoramas and island hospitality.

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    Iconic UNESCO Sites
    Bastions of Irish Tradition
    Bird & Wildlife Havens
    Unspoilt Scenery

    The Islands Are Calling

    Ireland itself may be an island, but its rugged Atlantic coasts are home to many more islands, each more fascinating than the next. Remote and unchanged over the centuries, these islands are often havens for flora and fauna as well as bastions of Irish tradition, culture and language. 

    Explore some of Ireland’s iconic islands like Skellig Michael or the Aran Islands, or get off the beaten path a little to discover other magnificent island havens such as Inisbofin, Cape Clear, Clare Island, the Blaskets, Rathlin Island and more.

    Privy to some of the most stunning and unspoilt views in Ireland, as you look out over the horizon, feel a tingle down your spine as you realise that the next stop… is North America.

    Hiking Tours

    Dotting the Irish coast of the Wild Atlantic Way and the Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland, find a number of islands ideal for outdoor lovers. Explore Ireland from a new perspective by blending hiking and island hopping. The gentle, rolling terrain of Ireland’s islands makes for gentle hikes that are accessible to all outdoor enthusiasts. Explore anything from dramatic cliffs and bizarre sea stacks to colonies of puffins, remote lighthouses, abandoned villages and settlements once home to monks (and Jedi!) on our hiking trips.

    Golden sunset overlooking the rock pillars of Skellig Islands rising from the sea

    Hiking & Island Hopping
    Cork & Kerry

    Easy Difficulty: Green 2

    • Explore southwest Ireland with gentle guided hikes, visiting three islands and four peninsulas.
    • Climb the ancient stone steps up the island of Skellig Michael, a UNESCO World Heritage site and Star Wars filming location.
    • Explore remote islands where the Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking) culture and tradition are still strong.
    • Visit the eerie, now-abandoned Blasket Islands, once recognised for its strong literary tradition.
    • Spot puffins and other sea birds along the island shores.

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    Hiking & Island Hopping
    Ireland’s West Coast

    Easy Difficulty: Green 2

    • Visit four islands along Ireland’s west coast of Galway and Clare.
    • Discover a dramatic Cromwellian fort on Inisbofin island.
    • Hear tales of the legendary Pirate Queen on Clare Island.
    • Sail under the Cliffs of Moher en route to the Aran Islands, bastions of Irish language.
    • Traverse causeways to tidal islands.
    • Visit other iconic sites like Killary Fjord, the wild Burren National Park, and Croagh Patrick – Ireland’s Holy Mountain.

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    Hiking the Causeway
    Coast & Donegal

    Easy Difficulty: Green 3

    • Hike iconic Irish landscapes, including UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Giant’s Causeway.
    • Island hopping to Rathlin Island in search of myths and puffins.
    • Walk Ireland’s most northernly peninsula and Star Wars filming location, Malin Head, where mountains meet sea.
    • Hike through rugged Donegal, once voted National Geographic’s Coolest Place on Earth.
    • Follow in the footsteps of Game of Thrones, Narnia, and more.

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    Bike Tours

    Perhaps you prefer to visit Ireland by bike. While many of Ireland’s islands are small, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of two-wheeled exploration! The Aran Islands, in particular, are a perfect example, as no cars are allowed on the islands (except those belonging to island residents). Or challenge yourself with an epic journey biking through the five amazing and differing countries that make up the UK and Ireland in order to experience the incredibly diverse landscapes, cultures and history of these vastly different regions.

    Bike Tour
    Ireland’s West Coast

    Easy Difficulty: Green 3

    • Bike in Connemara National Park and along the famous Sky Road
    • Enjoy a two nights island retreat on the Aran Islands – after the day-tripping tourists leave, you’ll have the islands all to yourselves.
    • Stand atop the edge of the Cliffs of Moher and discover why the otherworldly Burren National Park is the hidden treasure of West Ireland.

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    The Five

    Intermediate difficulty: Blue 6

    • Pedal through the fantastic five countries of Great Britain & Ireland. 
    • Experience the various cultures, traditions and landscapes of these 5 different regions as you pedal through beautiful panoramas.
    • Explore the roads made famous by the Tour de France, Tour of Britain and Tour of Ireland. 

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    Family Adventures

    For adventurous families, take an active trip to Ireland on one of our family adventures. Discover Ireland’s wild corners with activities fun for the whole family, such as biking, hiking, foraging, paddling and other fun workshops. And in the mix, on each trip, you’ll get to visit an island too – from a pirate’s stronghold to a puffin colony or even the unbeatable Skellig Michael, your family will have the adventure of a lifetime.

    Family Adventure
    Legends of the Southwest

    Difficulty: At your own pace

    • Create hand-made toys and learn about the past on a ghost tour
    • Climb Skellig Michael, ancient home to monks and Star Wars Jedi
    • Hike and kayak in the shadow of smugglers and pirates

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    Family Adventure
    Giants, Myths and Legends

    Difficulty: At your own pace

    • Relax on an island retreat that is home to a puffin colony.
    • Enjoy a family canoe expedition, seaweed foraging, and whiskey tasting.
    • Hike along the Causeway Coast rated Lonely Planet’s Top 2018 Destination.

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    Family Adventure
    and Pirates

    Difficulty: At your own pace

    • Island hop to the Pirate Queen’s stronghold and try your hand at stand-up-paddling.
    • Learn bushcraft and seashore foraging skills as you explore the wild Irish coastline.
    • Follow a pilgrimage path on horseback in St Patrick’s footsteps.

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    Self Drive

    For those adventurers looking for a bit more flexibility but without the worry of having to research, plan, and book your trip, perhaps a self drive vacation is more suited to your style. Our expert guides and local experts will meet you at various points to interpret the landscape, teach you new skills and show you the best secret spots – not to mention bring you to some of Ireland’s loveliest islands.

    Connemara, Dingle & the Cliffs of Moher

    Difficulty: At your own pace

    • Walk along the iconic Cliffs of Moher away from the crowds.
    • Explore the alien landscapes of the Burren National Park with a local archeologist.
    • Immerse yourself in Dingle, lauded by National Geographic as the most beautiful place on Earth.
    • Boat trip out to the eerie abandoned Blasket Islands.

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    Belfast, Giant’s Causeway
    & Donegal

    Difficulty: At your own pace

    • Visit the world-famous Giant’s Causeway and hike along the award-winning Causeway Coast.
    • Take a boat trip to the fascinating Rathlin Island, home to diverse wildlife, including a bird sanctuary, home to puffins in season.
    • Gaze out from some of Europe’s highest sea cliffs at Slieve League.
    • Wander the quiet back trails of the Mourne Mountains with a local guide.

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    Kerry, West Cork &
    The Haven Coast

    Difficulty: At your own pace

    • Visit the Ring of Kerry and other iconic sites in southwest Ireland.
    • Enjoy the flexibility of a self drive trip with the benefit of guided activities.
    • Visit several tiny islands, such as the paradisal garden Garnish Island, and travel by cable car to Dursey Island.
    • Try your hand at fishing with a local fisherman – afterwards, taste the freshest of ceviche on a remote and empty island.

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    Connemara Escape
    Short Break

    Difficulty: At your own pace

    • Enjoy a short break in the west of Ireland, perfect for a long weekend getaway, or part of a larger trip.
    • Explore the wilds of Connemara National Park, once pegged as a “savage beauty” by Oscar Wilde
    • Hop out to the Irish-speaking Aran Islands to drink in the views and visit the ancient vestiges of the islands’ long history.

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    A wonderful holiday. I saw some of the best Irish scenery. I did some of the most memorable walks in my life. And I spent a week being guided by a very charismatic guide who tirelessly shared his love of Ireland.

    Jane Warren
    Hiking & Island Hopping - Ireland's West Coast
    Reviewed on 16/05/2022

    Rated 4.94 out of 5 based on 1,732 reviews

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