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    Photo Blog: A Guide's Favourite Photo Spots in Ireland

    Author: Calliam Johnson
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    A Guide to a Guide's Favourite Places in Ireland

    In an era of social distancing and restricted movements, we may not be able to get outdoors into the wilderness and the mountains. So instead, one guide is “travelling” around Ireland by sharing my favourite photos of places that are particularly special to me. I love the island of Ireland, but my favourite regions are Wicklow, Connemara and Mayo – all great places for hiking, exploring and photography.

    Join wilderness guide Calliam Johnson’s journey down memory lane across the Emerald Isle.

    Calliam's Favourite Photos of Wicklow

    Lush, green, and vibrant, there’s a reason that people call Wicklow the “Garden of Ireland.” Though popular with Dublin day trippers, there’s more to Wicklow than meets the eye, as long as you know where to look!  However, wilderness guides and outdoor lovers know Wicklow like the back of their hands…

    Tip: Looking for vast, gorgeous landscapes all to yourself? Try hiking the Wicklow Way; as you get away from Dublin and the famous monastic site of Glendalough, you’ll see fewer people and you’ll have it all on your own. 

    Calliam's Favourite Photos of Connemara

    Connemara is perhaps the ultimate place to explore for any outdoor enthusiasts and amateur photography lovers. From mountains to bogs, ocean to lake, sheep-dotted slopes to wee cottages along narrow country lanes, what more could you want?

    Tip: the ‘Golden Hour’ is a brilliant time for photography – sunrise and sunset. 

    Calliam's Favourite Photos of Mayo & the Nephin Beg Mountains

    County Mayo is one of the least visited counties of Ireland, and certainly along the Wild Atlantic Way. Its quiet hills, wild shores and remote landscapes preserve some of Ireland’s greatest wilderness landscapes. Ireland has plenty of tranquil, wild places – but the Nephin Beg mountains of Mayo surely win the award.

    Tip: Mayo has some of the best dark skies in Ireland – perhaps it’s worth a visit to the Dark Skies preserve to learn about the Irish night sky

    What else our are office staff and guides up to now?

    Curious about what the Wilderness Ireland team is up to in our extra free time while we #stayathome?

    From music to cooking, foraging and gardening, running to local history and staying prepped and ready for future hiking, check out our series of videos of Team Wilderness at Home.

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    Take your own photos of Connemara, Mayo, Wicklow & More

    Meet the Author: Calliam Johnson

    I've been working in the outdoors for 10 years. My first foray into the mountains of Ireland was with my father when I was just three years old - and I've been an avid hiker ever since! I've hiked and climbed all over Ireland and Scotland as well as climbed many soaring peaks across Europe and the Andes of South America. I've trekked in the breath-taking cloud forests of Peru, the sublime Bolivian Amazon and the lush jungles of Cambodia before being drawn back to the beauty and allure of Ireland.

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