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    Wilderness At Home


    During these unprecedented times, most of the world is confined to their homes, gardens, neighbourhoods or local areas, and Ireland is no different.

    And yet, as outdoor lovers (and having an exceptionally fine spring season), we keep finding ways to enjoy the fresh air, as well as learn new skills, and enjoy virtual cultural activities.

    From music and dance to gardening, running, hiking in our local hills to learning how to bake Irish treats, spending time with family or honing our Irish language skills, join us on this journey of #wildernessathome.

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    Episode 1: Craic Agus Ceol (Fun and Music)

    What’s Irish culture without a bit of music? In Episode 1 of our new series documenting what Team Wilderness is doing with their free time while we all #stayhome, meet our fun-loving colleague Eimear who has always loved music and craic agus ceol – Irish for fun and music. With a bit of extra time on her hands, she’s learning how to play Irish reels on new instrument: the guitar.

    Video: Listen Here

    Like Irish music and want more? Check out our Spotify list, compiled by the Irish team from our favourite tunes.

    Listen Now

    Want more? Have a look at the Sligo Musicians Facebook page, where local musicians to Northwest Ireland share traditional Irish music and tips for musicians.

    Episode 2: Take a Hike...into Irish History

    Carrowkeel is one of Ireland’s most amazing ancient sites.

    Dating back 5,000 years, it’s older than Stonehenge, older than the Pyramids of Giza, older than the Roman Coliseum, or Petra in Jordan, or Machu Picchu or any of the cathedrals and castles of Europe.

    Dawn from Marketing is lucky enough to live near some of Ireland’s most significant Neolithic monuments: the tombs of Carrowkeel. Dive into history in Episode 2 as she takes you along to this ancient sacred place on her regular run/hike in this video.

    Video: Watch Now

    Curious to learn more about Ireland’s ancient heritage? Take a look at the first part in a series on Neolithic Ireland, to learn about Newgrange and the tombs of the Boyne Valley, Ireland’s largest Neolithic monument.

    In her spare time, Lucianne has decided to learn more about botany and foraging. From her current base in Yorkshire, she takes you on a dandelion-foraging expedition to collect enough roots to turn into a deliciously bitter and all-natural afternoon cuppa.

    Join Lucianne as she makes her delectable dandelion coffee!

    Video: Watch Now

    Episode 6: A Bit of Irish Song

    Kick back and relax as you listen to a cover of ‘Katie’ by Jimmy MacCarthy, as sung by wilderness guide Tom Meehan. Even the birds seem to be singing along! While we stay at home, Tom’s been using this time to revisit favourite songs.

    Listen Now

    Episode 7: What's in a Guide's Backpack?

    According to Wilderness Ireland guide Paul Quinn, his number 1 question asked while out on hikes?

    “What’s in your backpack?”

    So, to finally answer this question and satisfy your curiosity once and for all, watch Paul’s video as he unpacks everything but the kitchen sink from his amazing (and magical?) wilderness guide’s backpack!


    Video: Watch Now

    Episode 8: The Song of Fateful Lord Franklin

    Wilderness guide (and musician!) Tom Meehan takes a few minutes to introduce you through song to an old expedition leader and tragic hero, Lord Franklin, and his doomed journey along the Northwest Passage. A beautiful rendition of this classic tune!

    Listen Now

    Episode 9: Bread Baking - How to Make Irish Soda Bread

    Episode 11: Megalithic Ireland

    One of Ireland’s many simple tombs from the Neolithic era.

    Ireland is simply bursting with ancient sites dating back thousands of years all the way to the Neolithic era.

    Meet up with Wilderness Guide Liam as he brings you on a journey to one such megalithic tomb near his home in rural Ireland. Simply amazing.

    Watch Now

    Want to learn more?

    Check out this detailed blog on foraging in Ireland. Forage for nettles, seaweed, dandelions, elderflower and more for use in soups, cordials, wines, salads, pestos and jams.

    Read More

    When foraging wild nettles, be sure to wear gloves.

    Stay Tuned...

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