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Calliam Johnson

Calliam Johnson - Wilderness Ireland GuideMe in 3: Friendly | Conscientious  | Easy-going

Place to Play: Mountains, sea or wherever the two meet.

Not a lot of people know this: So few people know it, that  I don’t know even it myself! ;) 

Mini Bio: I’ve been working in the outdoors for 10 years. My first foray into the mountains of Ireland was with my father when I was just three years old – and I’ve been an avid hiker ever since!

I’ve hiked and climbed all over Ireland and Scotland as well as climbed many soaring peaks across Europe and the Andes of South America. I’ve trekked in the breath-taking cloud forests of Peru, the sublime Bolivian Amazon and the lush jungles of Cambodia before being drawn back to the beauty and allure of Ireland.

I love the rich culture of songs and storytelling in Ireland and there’s nowhere I prefer to be rather than in the glittering emerald hills of Ireland, gazing out over the swirling waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Adventurer's Stories about Calliam

Our guide, Calliam, is very experienced and game for anything. He was knowledgeable and we always felt like we were in the very best hands. He was a pleasure to hang out with too - which was great!
Susan Sheffield
Calliam describes himself on your website as primarily interested in the outdoors. So I made sure I did my homework on the cultural and historical aspects of the holiday in advance. However, Calliam had a wealthy store of knowledge on the history and politics as well as the lichens and teaching us how to eat nettles and loved telling us or else he is very good actor. It was difficult for him to manage the first two days with a trainee in tow and the Easter crowds and a completely new trip to Rathlin Island. It was all fine, we saw everything me being delighted at seeing puffins, very good scone at the Manor house (where there were NO queues which Calliam logged for next time). I was pleased to see the East lighthouse as I was reading the Watch House, a novel about Marconi and Rathlin Island. The rest of the trip was easier I think and the walks more straightforward. Calliam was receptive to suggestions and enjoyed learning about new options, eg the famine village were and stopping at the Burt church a great success. Calliam never gave the slightest hint that he would rather be elsewhere than taking us round. He was very professional, kind, thoughtful, courteous and showed initiative, compromise and leadership in decision making.
Marion Hanbury Brown
Our guide was really good and gave much information. I do hope he will now share the pictures he took.
Myriam Martinet-Philippe
Calliam was the best guide! Not just doing the practical things like organising the trip but explaining everything about the country, its history, culture, language, nature and people. Every day teaching us something new and finding a fresh angle on things. Simply the best!
Dave Owen
Calliam was amazing at his job! We had a lovely time with him. It was great to learn more about Ireland as a country and his stories are amazing. I highly recommend Calliam as anyone’s guide. You would be truly lucky to have him.
Erin Marshall
One of our group members described his appreciation of Calliam on our last night. I think he did it so well that it's hard to think of a way that says it better. Calliam's expertise, his energy, his kindness--all integral to a successful trip.
Linda Hill

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