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    Come 2020, Galway is one of two cities selected as European Capital of Culture. Hugging Galway Bay, the city is one of Ireland’s most beautiful cities.  

    Galaway Bay

    Colourful houses line Galway Bay

    A lively, bright city on the Wild Atlantic Way, Galway started as a medieval port city – one of Ireland’s most significant ports at the time – and today is brimming with life, culture, food and colour.

    Inevitably, you may want to escape Galway City to the wide expanses of County Galway. Hiking tours from Galway open up a wider world to a hidden Ireland – hillside villages and crumbling castles dot the windswept landscapes and impressive lakes and coastlines sparkle in the distance. Off the coast of Galway City lie the three Aran Islands, a gem of Irish language and culture. North of Co. Galway is Co. Mayo, home to the adorable town of Westport, the expansive Clew Bay and the celebrated Connemara National Park. To the south is Co. Clare, home to the world-renowned Cliffs of Moher.

    Connemara is one of the most amazing places to hike on the Emerald Isle, and the spectacular Aran Islands hold the keys to a almost-forgotten world of Irish Gaelic language and culture. The impressive, other-worldly Burren National Park is a geological gem rich in megalithic sites.

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    Hiking tours from Galway

    Connemara shines brightly in the sunset – great hiking tours from Galway


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