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    Here’s Why You May Like to Bike in Ireland in August

    For intrepid travellers, August may seem like the month where everything closes and the entire population migrates south to the sandy beaches in France, Spain, Italy and the likes. And yet, breaking out the bike in Ireland in August will give you great rewards!

    But don’t worry; Ireland isn’t quite the same! While many Irish people do go on holiday this month, you don’t have to worry about shops or restaurants or any other important services in Ireland closing for weeks on end as would likely happen in France or Italy. 

    While it is true that August is at the height of summer and during the peak tourist season, if you know where to go, you’ll still be able to avoid the worst of the crowds for most of your trip. At Wilderness Ireland, our local expertise will help you best manage the crowds, guiding you off the beaten path to some of Ireland’s lesser-known (but no less amazing!) gems. If you’d still like to see some of Ireland’s popular places, see our list of alternative ways to visit top Irish sites here.

    Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

    Taking a short break while biking along the Wild Atlantic Way in August!


    Enjoy the Irish summer with the cheerful locals, as nothing makes us happier than spending a sunny day in the great outdoors! There are also plenty of festivals on anything from music to food to sporting events to help enrich yourself in Irish culture in between bike rides. Tourists and locals alike will hit the roads and the trails because getting on a bike in Ireland in August is a real treat! 


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