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    Co Cork may look like one massive county on the map, but unofficially, there are two regions: East Cork and West Cork. In the east, there’s bustling Cork, the nearby port of Cobh (pronounced Cove – the final port of call for the fated Titanic) and the Middleton Jameson Distillery.

    In the west, this is where you’ll find innumerable islands, weather-beaten peninsulas…and pure adventure!

    Check out what biking tours from Cork we have available below.
    Sea inlet, Lough Hyne, near the village of Baltimor

    Overlooking the tranquil sea inlet, Lough Hyne, near the village of Baltimore

    On the edge of Cork Harbour, one of the largest natural harbours in the world sits Cork, Ireland’s second-largest city. In 2005, Cork was one of the two European Capitals of Culture – and in 2009, Cork was on Lonely Planet’s list, Best 10 in Travel 2010.

    Along with Kerry, Cork is a foodie hotspot. Courageous eaters may like to taste a few local dishes – crubeens (boiled and fried pigs feet), tripe (made from cow stomach) and drisheen (a type of blood pudding) are an adventure unto themselves! For those is search of more traditional (and tasty!) foods, Cork’s English Market is a must-do. Lodged in a beautiful 19th-century market building, it sells locally produced foods, such as fresh fish and meat, fruit and vegetables, eggs and artisan cheeses and breads.

    After you’ve eaten your fill, leave Cork’s busy streets behind for the quiet country lanes of West Cork. At the western end of the county, three peninsulas (Beara, Sheep’s Head and Mizen Peninsulas) jut out of West Cork like fingers. Off Cork’s shores, dozens of islands of all sizes cling to the rugged, quiet coastlines of each one. (Click here to read more about Ireland’s most interesting islands). The narrow, pointed Sheep’s Head Peninsula was even named a European Destination of Excellence for its rustic rolling hills unspoilt by the 21st century.

    This is a great part of Ireland to explore by bike – not only are the landscapes beautiful and the food delicious, the local culture is intriguing! For those interested in Irish myths, be sure to ask your guide about the Hag of Beara.

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