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Warner Wilders

Loyal | Enthusiastic | Prototype

Place to Play

The Ocean/Mountains: I love both equally

Not a lot of people know this

I had a pet monkey growing up.

Mini Bio

Warner has over 15 years biking and hiking experience and is also a Fully Qualified Mountain Bike Guide and Instructor. His hobbies include sailing, surfing, hiking, cross-country and downhill mountain biking and hanging out with his friends.

Warner has a real passion for Sligo and the Northwest of Ireland and this reflects in his tours of the area. He loves nothing more than letting people know how it is the best place in the world and how he would live nowhere else. He spends his time exploring Sligo and making the most of what the area has to offer. He makes this his business!

Outside the tourist season he is studying to be a sports therapist. Warner has travelled throughout world and knows what it is like to be a tourist. He has a strong belief that the time you spend on your holiday is very important and every minute counts. It is this belief that helps ensure you enjoy your trip from start to finish. Whether it is a guided day tour or a week-long package holiday Warner’s main aim is to make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.


Adventurer's Stories about Warner

They were supportive and helpful. When I struggled with more climbing (fatigue related) Warner helped me up without question. I always felt that they were there for support when needed.

Karen Alexopoulos
Deluxe Bike Tour - The Kerry Peninsulas
Reviewed on 12/08/2019

Warner and Donncha were superb. They were accommodating of everyone's different needs, encouraging, and fun. We appreciated Donncha's passion for everything Irish and Warner's stories of adventure and mishap, and especially enjoyed their amazing renditions of Irish songs.

Helen Triolo
Deluxe Bike Tour - The Kerry Peninsulas
Reviewed on 11/08/2019

Both guides were great- knowledgeable, witty, very competent in lots of ways.

Wendy Hastings
Bike Tour - Wild Atlantic Way
Reviewed on 04/10/2018

Went above and beyond. Both guides were outstanding and we have done a lot of guided bike trips but never with your company.

Geoff Hastings
Bike Tour - Wild Atlantic Way
Reviewed on 28/09/2018

Warner Wilders gets a 5 star rating. Loved his outgoing personality, fun sense of humor, positive attitude, etc, etc. The trip was successful in large part due to having him as our group's guide.

Barbara Caldwell
18WITM Ireland Tailor Made Trips
Reviewed on 24/09/2018

Warner Wilders and Jim could not have been any more accommodating. Warner regaled us with facts about Ireland and his own misadventures.

Skip Silvers
18WITM Ireland Tailor Made Trips
Reviewed on 15/09/2018

Warner was excellent. He was very accomodating to our group and spent time getting to know each person and his/her ability.

Jane O'Neill
18WITM Ireland Tailor Made Trips
Reviewed on 15/09/2018

Warner was excellent and very entertaining

Thomas J O'Neill
18WITM Ireland Tailor Made Trips
Reviewed on 15/09/2018

Loved them both! Went out of their way to extreme on the one day we thought one member got lost. Drove an extra 300kms that day. Kudos to both!!!

Gerry Morrison
Bike Tour - Wild Atlantic Way
Reviewed on 05/09/2018

Warner Wilders was a great experienced guide, always in control of things, relaxed, and generous with his knowledge.
Andrew Lynas was also a very nice guide.

Thomas Perneger
Bike Tour - Wild Atlantic Way
Reviewed on 03/09/2018

Warner and Andrew really made the experience -- they were fun, informative, attentive, adaptive.

Patricia Hudelson
Bike Tour - Wild Atlantic Way
Reviewed on 02/09/2018

They provided us with good information and support. My only suggestion for improvement would be that it would have been nice for the water bottles to have been washed on a daily basis. It left potential for infections to potentially spread between the riders.

Biking and Yoga Escape
Reviewed on 02/10/2017

Top notch guides who went above and beyond!

Biking and Yoga Escape
Reviewed on 02/10/2017

Guides could not have been better.

Biking and Yoga Escape
Reviewed on 26/09/2017

Two wonderful lads super fun and informative. They both had unique and fun personalities the contrast was perfect

Biking and Yoga Escape
Reviewed on 26/09/2017

Again... Warner... OUTSTANDING. And all of the guides on the excursions were wonderful.

Ireland Tailormade 2017
Reviewed on 21/07/2017

Warner was a big hit with everyone.

Ireland Tailormade 2017
Reviewed on 30/05/2017

All excellent - Alex in Dublin, Bart in Cork, Eion in Ring of Kerry, Mossie in Dingle and Warner who was with us throughout our entire trip!

Hui-Jin Chua
Ireland Tailormade 2017
Reviewed on 15/05/2017

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