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    St.John O Donnabhain

    St.John O Donnabhain

    Adventurous | Friendly | Chatty

    Mini Bio

    I love kayaking and rock climbing, but there’s nothing to beat hiking through the mountains for me! Raised in Kilkenny (it’s lovely, but a bit flat!), I’ve since ranged around the country, living in and exploring up and down the west coast with friends and clients, as well as throughout the UK. I am a fluent Irish speaker, and I have a love of placenames, particularly in the wild places – this helps deepen my experience of the landscape, the culture and the traditions.

    Favourite Place to Play

    High on the mountainous peninsulas of Kerry and Cork, exploring beautiful peaks, taking in stunning views all before enjoying the beaches and pubs.

    Not a lot of People Know This

    I wanted to be an academic during my twenties. After a few months of studying too hard, I went on a big adventure through New Zealand and came back, deciding that the outdoor life was for me! I still love a good chat about Irish history and culture, though.


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