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    Linda Champ

    Adventurous | Attentive | Open Minded

    Mini Bio

    Growing up on a farm in the middle of Ireland, I spent all of my spare time outdoors, no matter the weather. This love of the outdoors has stayed with me as I’ve ventured far from home, living and exploring in countries such as New Zealand, Costa Rica and Spain. It’s safe to say I am definitely a green grass and mountains type of person.

    I spent most of my career working in hospitality, and love meeting visitors and showing them around our beautiful country with our unique culture.

    Favourite Place to Play

    Kerry is the Kingdom, and rightly so. The scenery is breathtaking – and the traditional music and the local people bring me back time and time again.

    Not a Lot of People Know This

    I speak Spanish probably more often than I speak English! My partner and stepchildren are from Madrid and living here in Ireland, so our household is mainly Spanish-spoken. (Spanglish is probably more accurate!)

    Qualifications Read More
    • Lowland Leader
    • Neuromuscular & Sports Massage Therapist
    • Yoga Instructor
    Experience Read More

    I have worked mainly in 5 star hotels, and have led group retreats in Spain and Ireland over the past 12 years. I organise Hiking Day Adventures for locals, and love bringing them out to see whats on their doorstep.

    Favourite Activities Read More

    Anything Yoga or Hiking related, I’m there! And of course, the camper has to come along. I studied Yoga in Austria in 2009 and love travelling with our camper and our dogs to off-the-beaten tracks and trails.

    Favourite Regions of Ireland Read More

    I have a soft spot for Cork and Kerry after living there for several years.

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