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    Jacquie Lynskey

    Jacquie Lynskey

    Positive | Energetic | Calm

    Mini Bio

    I can remember as a child always looking up at the hills and mountains and wanting to be “up there,” as walking seems to be in my soul! Thankfully, during my entire adult life, I have been an active walker, swimmer, cyclist, orienteer and runner and have thoroughly enjoyed being in the great outdoors across Ireland and many other countries.

    Having raised a wonderful family and stewarded a vital charity in Galway for the past 25 years, I am now feeling really privileged to share my love of the great outdoors and wonderful country with all who visit.

    Favourite Place to Play

    Being outdoors anywhere gives me great pleasure. As I live in Galway, I regularly go walking and cycling with my “Hubby” in Clare and Connemara. I am also so lucky to live right beside a traditional Irish bog, so my daily walk is out my gate and up the Bog Road!

    Not a lot of People Know This

    I am Canadian-born with a beautiful Mammy who came from a small town in Ontario called Harrow, where I have lots of relations. My Dad is a wealth of information about Irish genealogy. And my husband runs a Christmas Tree Farm!

    Experience Read More

    I combined a Social Science Degree and an MBS in Business Studies in my role of 25 years as the CEO of a not-for-profit organisation in Galway, which delivers essential services and support for people experiencing homelessness, domestic abuse, and older people. I am a real advocate of positive ageing.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    My furthest adventure was walking around the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal – an experience I absolutely loved and will never forget.

    Closer to home, I have travelled over the years across Ireland and the UK for orienteering events, and more recently, I have walked a range of Caminos in Spain, Portugal and Slovenia with friends and family. I cycled around the Black Forest in Germany and some canals in France, and I also had a fantastic swimming holiday in Croatia recently.


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