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    Fergus McCaffery

    Fergus McCaffery

    Organised | Professional | Caring


    Mini Bio

    I am a professional forester and explorer. I feel most at home adventure biking along the quietest paths I can find and in the sea going for a paddle or a surf. Showing off the little green island of Ireland is something I love to do, especially the paths seldom taken. Being a forester means I have extensive knowledge of everything to do with woodlands throughout Ireland, a knowledge which I love to share.

    Favourite place to play

    The west coast of Ireland is my favourite place to explore, whether it’s biking along the coastal roads, hiking along its many tracks and paths, or surfing in the wild Atlantic Ocean; I feel exhilarated along the Irish west coast.

    Not a lot of people know this

    I won a trophy for Irish dancing when I was a kid.


    Qualifications Read More

    Forester. Father. Guide.

    Experience Read More

    I’ve done many unsupported bike trips across Europe and always seek out the quietest routes.

    Biking along coastal roads across Ireland, the UK and France and getting the chance to discover the breathtaking views of quiet cliffs and beaches of these countries are experiences I will always treasure.

    Wandering and exploring the Alps is something I have done many times. Each time travelling back feels like a completely new encounter.

    Aside from my adventure experience, I am also a Forest Service and Native Woodland scheme-approved forester and a member of the Association of Irish Forestry Consultants.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    My biggest adventure was completing the Camino de Santiago, not once but twice!

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