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Travel To and Within Ireland

Travel to Ireland

Slieve League, on the Atlantic coast of County Donegal, Ireland.

Planning to travel to Ireland soon? Travel abroad can seem intimidating, but our useful guide will help you make your travel plans to Ireland as smooth as possible!

Please click on the below links for information on how to travel to Ireland from your part of the world. For travel to the starting point of your trip from within Ireland click the ‘From Ireland’ link.

We have included as much information on sustainable travel as possible – methods including trains and buses as well as a rough estimate of travel times and distances and an idea of various airlines that operate into and within Ireland.

Travel within Ireland
Advice and links to help you book travel to your trips start point from within Ireland

From North America
Here you will find information on airlines that fly direct to Ireland from North America

From Europe
Let us help you find air (and sea) links to Ireland from other European countries.

From Australia/NZ
We provide some options for travelling to Ireland from Australia and New Zealand.