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    Photo Blog: Inspiring Irish Landscapes

    8 min read

    Author: Dawn Rainbolt, PR Manager
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    Get inspired for your next adventure to Ireland with photos of stunning Irish landscapes.

    As winter days grow shorter and the air grows colder, fall in love with Ireland’s dramatic and ever-changing scenery!

    See below for some amazing photos of Irish landscapes across the Emerald Isle. 

    1. The Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland

    Hiking the Causeway Coastal Way Northern Ireland Irish Landscapes

    Causeway Coast, Lonely Planet’s Top 2018 Destination

    More than just the Giant’s Causeway, the Causeway Coast is a coast-hugging trail 33 miles (52 km) long careening towards the famed Giant’s Causeway. Made up of similar geological features – the strange octagonal basalt columns – the the Giant’s Causeway is known for, the Causeway Coastal Way makes a stunning 1, 2, or 3 day hike.

    Hike along the Causeway Coast, Lonely Planet’s #1 Destination in 2018 on our Causeway Coastal & Donegal trip.

    2. Malin Head, Donegal

    Malin Head Donegal Star Wars Irish Landscapes

    Easy to see why Star Wars was filmed at the dramatic Hell’s Hole in Malin Head

    This rocky, barren outcrop has two claims to fame: it is Ireland’s northernmost point – and it features as a galaxy far, far away! Indeed, Malin Head is one of the filming locations used for the 2017 Star Wars film, The Last Jedi Episode VIII. Keep an eye out for the peninsula while watching the film, or better yet, explore this rugged headland on foot!

    Hike Malin Head’s peninsula on our Causeway Coastal & Donegal trip.

    For cyclists, end your epic Donegal adventure, Biking from Cliffs to Coast, at the amazing Malin Head. 

    3. Mullaghmore Peninsula, Sligo

    Mullaghmore Peninsula hiking Classiebawn Castle Irish Landscapes

    Ben Bulben rises dramatically behind Classiebawn Castle in Sligo

    Ben Bulben, the iconic table mountain of Sligo, reigns over most of County Sligo. Perched dramatically in front of the mountain is the romantic 19th century castle of Classiebawn. Built with soft sandstone transported oversea from County Donegal, the castle is the picture of a perfect castle with turrets, towers, crinolines and arrow slits. Though not open to the public, the Mullaghmore Peninsula is a wonderful coastal hike.

    Enjoy the vistas of Mullaghmore and beyond in County Sligo on our Biking & Yoga Escape.

    4. Diamond Hill, Connemara

    Hiking Diamond Hill Connemara National Park Irish Landscapes

    Taking in the views at the summit of Diamond Hill

    The summit of Diamond Hill is the kind of place that takes your breath away. Situated in Connemara National Park, the hike provides lovely views over the surrounding quartzite peaks of the Twelve Bens, a mountain range of twelve summits linking with the nearby Maumturks Mountains.

    Hike the amazing Irish landscapes of Connemara on our Hiking & Island Hopping on Ireland’s West Coast.

    For those that prefer biking, try Biking Connemara & the Aran Islands.

    5. The Burren, Clare

    Hiking in The Burren National Park at sunrise - Irish landscapes

    Daybreak in the Burren National Park.

    Rocky, rugged, barren – the Burren National Park and surrounding landscapes look alien, like a Hollywood depiction of the Moon. Crossed with stone walls built with stones unearthed by farmers as they attempted to till their fields and dotted with ancient megalithic sites, the Burren is as beautiful as it is exotic and other worldly. Sunrise is an especially amazing part of day to explore its wilds.

    Bike through the barren Burren on our Biking Connemara & the Aran Islands.

    6. Dingle Peninsula, Kerry

    Sunset on Dingle Peninsula Kerry Ireland Irish Landscapes

    Overlooking the Dingle Peninsula

    An impressive peninsula, Dingle perfectly encompasses a little of everything Irish. From some of the strongest holdouts of traditional Irish music to stunning shorelines to the magic of the Slea Head Peninsula – Ireland’s westernmost point, next stop America! – the Dingle Peninsula is made better in that it’s amazing landscapes are easily hike-able along the challenging route, the Dingle Way.

    Hike the Dingle Way with your own guide on our new 2018 trip, Hiking the Dingle Way.

    7. The Skellig Islands

    Explore Star Wars' Skellig Islands - Irish landscapes

    Explore a Star Wars’ galaxy far, are away: Kerry’s Skellig IslandsStar Wars’ galaxies may be far, far away but the Skellig Islands are not! Even if Star Wars isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be awed by the ancient ruins built by the monks of yesteryears. Encounter colonies of seabirds, climb the rough stone steps, and stare out at the smaller Skellig island neatly framed on the horizon.

    Set sail to the Skelligs and other islands on our Island Hopping Adventure in West Cork & Kerry.

    8. Gap of Dunloe, Ring of Kerry

    Hiking the Gap of Dunloe

    Exploring Kerry’s Gap of Dunloe on foot

    Some of Ireland’s most beloved landscapes are in Kerry, on the Ivereagh Peninsula. Though most visitors treat the Ring of Kerry as a driving route, a better way to get in touch with the landscapes of Kerry is to hike its mountains and passes. Hiking places such as Carrantouhil, Mt Brandon, the Gap of Dunloe, Moll’s Gap and others are a good way to immerse yourself into the culture and landscape of the Kingdom of Kerry.

    Treat yourself to deluxe accommodation while hiking the Kerry Mountains.

    9. Cape Clear & Sherkin Islands, West Cork

    Hiking Sherkin Island Cape Clear Island Irish landscapes

    Hiking along Sherkin Island overlooking Cape Clear Island

    Two forlorn islands clinging to the edge of Ireland, Cape Clear and Sherkin are known for their seabird colonies as well as holdouts of the Irish language. Historically the final glimpse of Ireland most immigrants would have of Europe before setting sail to the New World, these two little islands fascinating capsules of Irish landscapes, culture and history.

    Explore Cape Clear and other islands on our Island Hopping Adventure in West Cork & Kerry.

    10. Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains

    Hiking in Wicklow Mountains Glendalough

    Breathtaking scenery in Glendaough in Ireland’s Ancient East

    An ancient monastic site once well-known for education and preservation of knowledge, today Glendalough is a picturesque ruin. The valleys crowned with mountains and bathed in glittering lakes make for a lovely place to hike, and the pilgrimage path St Kevin’s Way adds a historical intrigue to this phenomenal Irish landscape.

    Visit Glendalough, the Wicklow Mountains and more on our Ancient East Self Drive. 

    Get inspired! See our trips below to make your Irish travel dream a reality!

    Meet the Author: Dawn Rainbolt

    American by birth but European in spirit, Dawn has called the US, Costa Rica, Spain, England, Poland, France and now Ireland home over the years. While she has travelled to more than 30 countries, she has fallen in love with the rich Irish culture and sweeping landscapes of Ireland. Armed with a Masters Degree in Tourism Marketing and a love of writing and photography, she is Wilderness Ireland's Marketing Executive since 2017.

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