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    Here’s Why You Should Bike in Ireland in May 2020

    Discover Why Ireland is so Special in Spring on one of our Thrilling May Biking Tours. See Below for a List of our biking adventures in May!

    Imagine rolling through the pristine hills, littered with fresh flowers blowing in the soft breeze? This is what biking in Ireland in May is like! Spring on the Emerald Isle is just that – emerald.

    Explore Ireland on two wheels as the island wakes up from its winter hibernation. By bike, you’ll be able to cover more places in the Irish countryside, witnessing how each region blossoms into spring. You’ll beat the tourist season but still experience nice weather with the occasional shower – spring showers bring May flowers! You won’t have to worry about long, hot days, and you’ll get to experience spring festivities, such as Easter. If you’re not sure what type of bike rider you are, see our guide here

    The cheery Irish people are even more cheery in the spring, and the fields will be jumping with lambs and calves; it will be easy to make friends – with human and animal alike! You’ll see that deciding to bike in Ireland in May will make for a fantastic holiday!

    Feel the fresh, spring breeze yourself by checking out some of these great bike tours in Ireland.

    If you don’t see any trips that interest you, check out other Wilderness Ireland biking trips, or other Wilderness Ireland active trips. Or, learn how to create a tailor-made tour just for you!

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