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    Here’s Why Should You Bike in Ireland in July

    The height of summer in Ireland is probably your best bet to see Ireland under the sun (even then, there will still be bit of rain; how else do you think we keep our grass so green? Do be sure to bring plenty of layers). If you dream of pedalling through Ireland by bike in summer, July is a great month to come.

    Do keep in mind that it’s the peak of tourist season, but tourists often tend to converge around a couple of hotspots. With the local expertise of Wilderness Ireland, we’ll be sure to keep off that beaten path, taking you to places like the hidden gems of counties such as Sligo and Donegal, Mayo and Cork, as well as the hidden spots of counties Kerry and Galway. See alternative ways to visit popular tourist sites here

    July is also the heart of summer festivities, making it a great month to come if you’re interested in enriching yourself in the local culture. As Ireland has a short summer, the Irish tend to make the most of it, meaning that July is full of fun! Learn what type of bike rider you are with our guide. 

    See below for our adventures to bike in Ireland in July with Wilderness Ireland!

    Road cycling in Ireland

    Bike in Ireland in July through the Irish wilderness


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