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    Visit Skellig Michael in August and September

    Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, history buff, bird-watcher or simply looking for beauty, visit Skellig Michael in August and September for adventure!

    The two jagged, rocky spires rise out of the crashing Atlantic waves. It’s hard to imagine anyone living here. Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it owes its origins to a group of 7th century monks who came to this desolate place to live, write and pray in the strange but beautiful stone beehive huts, looking for isolation.


    How to visit Skellig Michael in August and September



    Skelligs - visit Skellig Michael in August and September

    Exploring the iconic and enchanting beehive huts of Skellig Michael.


    But when to visit? It’s a tough call. The Skellig Islands lay 11 kilometres off shore and Irish weather is famously unpredictable. Visit Skellig Michael in August and September to explore the island at the end of peak season. Though variable, often September sees some of the best weather!


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