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    Dublin is a perfect starting point for an adventure on two feet. The capital and largest city of Ireland, Dublin is a fascinating city.

    Dublin's cobblestone streets

    Explore Dublin’s cobblestone streets in the city centre before setting off on your adventure!

    Originally founded as a port city by the Viking raiders who settled in Ireland in the Dark Ages, Dublin remained the Emerald Island’s most significant city and port from the Middle Ages onwards. It is a centre for Irish culture, trade, eduction, and economy.

    The name ‘Dublin’ comes from an old Irish name – ‘Dubhlinn’ – meaning ‘black pool’ which referred to a back pool at the convergence of the Liffey and Poddle Rivers, although the contemporary Irish name is ‘Baile Ath Claith’ – ‘Town of the Hurdled Ford’ – referring to an ancient ford that once existed on the River Liffey. Visit Dublin city parks such as Merrion Square (where Oscar Wilde’s statue is!) and St Stephen’s Green, learn about whiskey at the less-known Teeling Distillery (the celebrated Jameson Distillery is the most popular option) or beer at the very-well-known Guinness Factory, or try the new EPIC: Irish Emigration Museum. 

    Just south of Dublin, find the fishing village of Howth and beyond that, the amazing Wicklow Mountains, nicknamed ‘Garden of Ireland,’ where you’ll find the ancient ruins of the Glendalough monastic complex in the breath-taking glacial valley.

    Dublin is connected to the entire island – all roads pass by Dublin! This makes it a great starting point for your hiking trip in Ireland.

    Or, if you prefer to book a tailor made trip, Dublin is a great introduction to Irish culture! See our interactive holiday builder to book tailor-made hiking tours from Dublin. 

    While hiking in Dublin isn’t exactly what you had in mind, its centralised location makes a great jumping off point for trips anywhere in Ireland! Currently available hiking tours from Dublin can be found below.



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