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    Why You Should Hike in Ireland in June 2020

    Discover the Stunning Irish Landscapes of Summer on a Hiking tour in June.

    Ah, June – summer without being summer. June in Ireland is unlike June in many other places – and so is a hike in Ireland in June! An Irish June is a wonderful mix between spring and summer. The air is less crisp in the evening, but you won’t be risking a sunburn either! June in many ways is an extension of spring and everything that comes with it – fresh flowers, soft breezes, green pastures, and cool evenings.

    When it comes to walking outside, June days provide some of the best fine-weather days for hiking that Ireland has to offer. The crowds are still low as the summer holidays are only just starting, but the air will be a little warmer, hinting at summer, without worrying about overheating. 

    Hiking in June means you’ll never be too hot or too cold; however Ireland being the cheery island that it is, the weather is changeable, so bring layers and expect to change a few times. If you need help deciding what to wear, try reading our guide here.

    Hiking Tours June - Walking on the cliffs of Moher

    Hike in Ireland in June along the famous Cliffs of Moher and more!


    June also sees the start of some of Ireland’s festivals, road races, and events, so as you tie up your laces and get ready for an adventure, benefit from soaking up a bit of Irish culture as well!

    See how to hike in Ireland June below.

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    June Hiking Departures


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