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    Why You Should You Hike in Ireland in August

    Discover the Beauty of Ireland one of our August Hiking Tours. See below for a list of our hiking adventures in August.

    If you’ve travelled in Europe before, particularly in southern Europe, you may be imagining August as the month in which every resident flocks to the French, Italian or Spanish Riviera or at least somewhere along the seaside. In many countries, life seems to stop; everything from stores to restaurants to doctor’s offices slows to a stop.

    This is not the case with Ireland. August in Ireland runs smoothly, just like any other month. However, do note that this is peak tourist season, so do expect to see some crowds. However, most tourists do flock to a few ‘hotspots’ (the Ring of Kerry, the Cliffs of Moher, the main streets of Galway, Killarney and Dublin, etc.).

    At Wilderness Ireland, we’ll be sure to take you on the road less travelled to some of Ireland’s coolest places in the height of summer. Counties Sligo, Donegal, Mayo, Cork, Galway, Limerick… the list is exhaustive! Going for a hike in Ireland in August gives great rewards – the temperatures are at their highest, which means you should get the longest days. August is a great month for a mid-hike picnic, or an evening by the sea with a chilled pint to cool off after a solid day of hiking. Tasting Ireland’s seafood has never seemed fresher, and the sound of the waves is refreshing.

    Hiking Tours Ireland - August Hiking Tours

    Hiking in Ireland in Carrauntoohil in August


    Do keep in mind though that this is Ireland, and temperatures won’t be balmy – be prepared with, solid hiking boots and plenty of layers! If you need a little more help deciding what to wear, see our guide for more information!

    Let’s go for a walk!

    In order to hike in Ireland in August, see the list below.

    If you don’t see any trips that interest you, check out other Wilderness Ireland hiking trips, or other Wilderness Ireland active trips. Or, learn how to create a tailor made tour just for you!

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