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    Here’s Why You Should Bike in Ireland in September

    With school days starting again, the peak tourism season is over – so why not get on a bike in Ireland in September to make the most of fall? As summer ends and autumn begins, you’ll experience a beautiful mix of both seasons: not too hot nor too wintery; perfect weather for biking in the Irish countryside! Be prepared with layers as the weather in Ireland is a bit changeable. (See our what-to-wear guide here).

    Discover the Thrill of Gliding Along Ireland’s Beautiful Roads in the Last Month of Summer with One of our September Biking Tours. See Below for a List of our Bike Adventures!
    Biking along Lough Inagh, Co. Mayo in September

    Biking along Lough Inagh, Co. Mayo in September


    September is a great month to challenge yourself, as the weather is perfect for cycling. Lower tourism numbers means it’s easier to see and enjoy the best of Ireland without the crowds. In September, you’ll get a chance to bike Ireland’s wilder while also rubbing shoulders with the locals. You’ll also get to taste Ireland’s hearty dishes – traditional beef stew, hot chowder or a steaming fisherman’s pie – after a long day out biking! 

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