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    Adare Manor

    *Style: Castle
    *Location: Limerick

    *Rooms: 104
    *Bathrooms: Ensuite

    The perfect luxury accommodation for your next adventure.

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    The grand house in all its glory was constructed in the 1830s. Previously, the Earl and his wife lived in a Georgian house, however, when the earl was confined to the indoors for his health, his wife encouraged him to transform their home into an elegant creation, based on the great castles and abbeys of Europe. Now guests can live it up like royalty in Adare Manor, one of Ireland’s most glamorous 5 star castle hotels. You’ll receive world-class service at this stunning castle where each room is designed and furnished worthy of the Earl’s exacting legacy of grandeur.

    One of Adare’s unique quirks is that it is a ‘calendar house’ – containing 365 leaded windows, 52 ornate chimneys, 7 stone pillars and 4 towers to mark the annual tally of days, weeks, and seasons in a year. The impressive 840-acre estate contains lovely parkland, a world-class golf course, the ruins of Desmond Castle, cultivated gardens and ancient Ogham Stones. The inscriptions upon the Ogham stones represent an old system of writing.

    By day, you could enjoy an epic round of golf or one of the numerous other on-site activities like relaxing at the top-class spa or exploring the surrounding region with your expert guide. By night, dine at the Oak Room restaurant, Limerick’s first Michelin star restaurant. And if somehow all of that isn’t enough, in recent years Adare Manor has undergone a massive restoration, bringing this already-luxurious estate to a whole new level.

    Accommodation Highlights

    • Relax in decadent luxury at one of Ireland’s best castle hotels.
    • Enjoy the idyllic location of this Gothic castle at the edge of a fairytale village.
    • Adare is home to one of Ireland’s best golf courses, and seemingly endless on-site activities suitable for all tastes.

    Local Experiences

    Play a round of golf on Adare’s award-winning golf course

    Transformed by celebrated golf architect Tom Fazio, Adare is home to a world-renowned golf course tucked into a paradisal parkland seamlessly blending in with the region’s natural beauty. After your round on this innovative, challenging, and satisfying golf course, refresh yourself at the Carriage House, a world-class restaurant.


    Get up close and personal with the world’s most majestic birds of prey with Adare’s wonderful falconry experience. The resident falconers will introduce you to a selection of birds of prey from around the world, including various owls, eagles, falcons and hawks. Watch them fly as you learn more about the birds and how they hunt, perhaps even from your own gloved hand.

    Gundog Experience

    In the decades past when Adare Manor was a private country estate, shooting season was one of the most important social events of the year. Our trainer will demonstrate the important role of the highly-trained Irish Labrador gun dogs who assist in finding and retrieving game. In this exciting and unique activity, get the opportunity to see the Labradors incorporating obedience, agility, marking, water work and the ability to work as part of a team of trained dogs, perhaps even learning how to handle these wonderful dogs yourself. This invigorating experience is an inspiring look at the communication and collaboration possible between humans and dogs.

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