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Donncha O’Brien

Donncha O'BrienMe in 3: Open, Family, Fun

Place to Play: West Cork hills and rivers; for road biking, mountain biking, paddling, fell running and day-dream wanderings!

Not a lot of people know this: I day dream about being a world class Javelin thrower and making the qualifying standard for the next Olympics, despite never having actually held a Javelin!

Mini Bio: I am, and always have been for as long as I can remember, mad for being outdoors. I think the world would be a better place if everyone walked, ran, paddled, biked, or just went outdoors more regularly. I take my four young children outside to do these things and camp for multiple nights each year. I feel very lucky to guide people through the beautiful landscapes we have in Ireland. Mostly I love to help convey a sense of the rich and varied history/culture we Irish are famous for, either through song or story, early or late.

Adventurer's Stories about Donncha

He was fun and careful and made sure everyone had a good time. Knew the area completely so changing plans was no problem. Especially loved the “rest stops" that always included a story or a song! (Having Louise there too was an added attraction!)
Claudia Schultz
Donncha was an incredible guide- his knowledge of the trails and his love of Ireland was clear throughout each history lesson, Irish translation and song he graciously shared with us. Our trip felt seamless- each trail, meal and van ride unfolded softly and organically into a treasured experience of Ireland.
Marni McCarthy
Donncha was informing and entertaining.
Richard de Beaudrap
Donncha was great. His stories and songs were very entertaining. He was helpful without being bossy. He obviously had a real passion for Ireland in general and that region in particular and was able to communicate it to us.
Jean Foster
Donnecha was an excellent, knowledgeable kind and warm guide. Would recommend him highly. Eimear was also on the trip and was an absolute delight. Benefited from having both of them!
Subathirai Sivakumaran
Donncha O'Brien was a wonderful guide, very personable, highly competent, and had a lovely singing voice!
Ellen Wasiuta
Our guide was knowledgeable, accommodating, took good care of us, and gave us much insight into Ireland. His singing was an additional bonus. He had us all joining in and we loved it. It added a lot to my feeling for and admiration for "Irish soul".
Donnech(spelling?) was delightful, upbeat, always helpful, and a good driver on the narrow roads.
Sarah Leonard
Donncha was our wonderful, soulful, intelligent guide. He regaled us with lovely songs and his knowledge of Ireland's history and present day was excellent. His love of his country was palpable and he made us love your beautiful country even more.
Already described our great fortune in meeting and having Donncha share with us his amazing country-in all it's natural beauty.
We were just crazy about Donncha, our guide. We mentioned time and again how lucky we were in getting him. His knowledge and love of the area and his sensitivity toward each us made the trip especially amazing. .
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Donah and John were always available to help as well as entertain children with games and music
We loved Donncha and John. They were comepletely different but complimented each other's personality so well.
Mary Ellen Cavanna

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