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    Denis Beakey

    Denis Beakey

    Positive | Passionate | Listener

    Mini Bio

    Sometimes the present can tell us a lot about the past, if you look! And so, on the wheel of life I now have more time to travel, have fun, explore and learn. I can still feel the childish excitement of seeing something new or making connections which help my understanding of the world. That is probably key to my own life’s path, and it hasn’t stopped yet.

    Born in Dublin in the 1960s, we had the freedom of the city and nearby country to roam at will, and thus the seeds of adventure were born. Studies in Dublin and the UK were mixed with hill walking and climbing trips home and abroad as time and opportunity allowed. Family life and a career in Criminology followed. Life is a broad church so time was always made available to explore and take on new challenges. I do like to read too.

    Working for Wilderness Ireland and showing people the Ireland I have come to know and understand is a natural extension of my life.

    Favourite Place to Play

    The Burren on the west coast of Ireland with its cliffs, hills, geology, history, flora and Atlantic waves. A joy. Oh, and anywhere in the hills and forests of Ireland that I can experience a trail run.

    Not a lot of People Know This

    I have been captivated by Art. No doubt, it will be an enduring interest.

    Qualifications Read More

    Mountain Leader and REC 3.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    I enjoy mountain experiences of any type, and they don’t all have to be adrenaline rushed. However, I have had some epic trips, including a Cairngorm plateau traverse to escape a raging winter blizzard off a climbing route. There was also an unplanned overnight on the Hornli Ridge on the Matterhorn, which we had just climbed, to assist another party.
    My current project involves hiking all of Scotland’s Munros to explore some of the less well-known mountains there. It’s more of an experience than a bucket list thing, to be honest.

    Specialist Subject Read More

    Geology, mountain flora, history, archaeology, and our psychological, social and economic interplay with wild places.

    What Fellow Travellers Say About Denis

    Our guide was excellent and made the trip especially memorable. His wide range of knowledge was impressive. He taught all day long on every subject imaginable. His kindness, patience and caring was truly impressive. I’m so grateful to him for making this trip so special

    Bonnie Judkins
    Hiking - The Dingle Way
    Reviewed on 29/04/2024

    Denis was absolutely brilliant. Really knowledgeable and so friendly and helpful. The couple of organisational problems we encountered he sorted out so quickly and smoothly that we were barely aware there was a problem.

    Lynn Evans
    Hiking - The Dingle Way
    Reviewed on 29/04/2024

    Denis was fantastic. He tried to accommodate the entire group. Not easy when you have different levels of hikers in a group. He sometimes allowed the faster hikers to go ahead so he could stay with the slower ones. One time half the group took a wrong turn, but he found us and herded us back! He found a laundry for us across from our hotel in Balleyvaghan after we fell in the mud along the Cliffs of Moher. He even gave me some tips on places to go, hike, and see in Scotland the following week. A very even keeled gentleman. Caroline was a joy to have along, even for half the week. She brought a different perspective to the hikes and had such a wonderful sense of humor. Our boat guide, Donal, was hysterical. We laughed our way across the lakes back to Ross Castle.

    Linda McFarland
    Hiking - Kerry & Clare
    Reviewed on 02/10/2023

    Denis is a wonderful and accommodating guide. His well-rounded knowledge of Ireland, its history and the landscapes that we were experiencing was especially appreciated. There was hardly a question that he wasn't able to answer. In our group, which was made difficult by varying hiking abilities, Denis want out of his way to provide a positive experience for all of us. He is a valuable asset to WI and if I were traveling again in Ireland I would definitely ask for Denis!

    Gary Sanborn
    Hiking - Kerry & Clare
    Reviewed on 25/09/2023

    My guide, Denis, could not have been more kind and caring about everyone in our group. His knowledge about Ireland’s history, current affairs, folklore was limitless. Whatever your company pays this gentleman for his services is not enough.

    Kathy Conroy
    Hiking - Kerry & Clare
    Reviewed on 25/09/2023

    Dennis was 100%, see my previous comments

    Ryan Reynolds
    Private Hiking the Causeway Coastal Route and Donegal
    Reviewed on 18/09/2023

    Denise is outstanding. He made us feel like family.

    Angela Vento
    23WITM Tailor Made Trip
    Reviewed on 04/09/2023

    Denis beaky is unparalleled. As I mentioned before, he is bright, informed, accommodating, flexible, knowledgeable, and just a great person. Everybody loved him. He made the trip fantastic. He was a highlight of our trip.

    Susan Benenati
    23WITM Tailor Made Trip
    Reviewed on 04/09/2023

    Dennis…you made our 50 th so special.
    Thanks for being so patient with our large and crazy group.
    Your knowledge and enthusiasm was so appreciated .
    Thanks again and hope to see you in New York!

    Ines O’Connor
    23WITM Tailor Made Trip
    Reviewed on 10/08/2023

    Denis was absolutely amazing and we were all so happy to have him.

    Brian O'Connor
    23WITM Tailor Made Trip
    Reviewed on 08/08/2023

    See earlier comment - Denis was wonderful!

    Mary Doug Brown
    Private Hiking and Island Hopping Cork and Kerry
    Reviewed on 23/06/2023

    One of the best guides we've ever had! Truly splendid.

    Connor Jordan
    23WITM Tailor Made Trip
    Reviewed on 07/06/2023

    Denis was one of the best guides we have ever had. Patient and very knowledgable on a wide vareity of subjects, knew how to keep us moving and set the pace as well as hang back and help those who needed some extra support. Great gentlemen.

    Peter Sternberg
    Hiking & Island Hopping - Cork & Kerry
    Reviewed on 01/06/2023

    Dennis was one of the best ever.

    Elizabeth Haran
    Hiking & Island Hopping - Cork & Kerry
    Reviewed on 31/05/2023

    Dennis was the best!

    Sharon Abbott
    Hiking & Island Hopping - Cork & Kerry
    Reviewed on 31/05/2023

    Dennis is a wonderful guide- knowledgeable, friendly, helpful- I can’t speak highly enough of how enjoyable he made our hiking experience!

    Susan Shearing
    Hiking & Island Hopping - Cork & Kerry
    Reviewed on 28/05/2023

    Extremely knowledgeable, personalized the trip to accommodate each group member, made the trip exceptional

    Sandra Strachan
    Hiking & Island Hopping - Cork & Kerry
    Reviewed on 22/05/2023


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