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    Miriana Semeraro

    Miriana Semeraro

    Operations Coordinator

    Curious | Enthusiastic | Supportive

    Mini Bio

    Originally from one of the sunniest parts of southern Italy but driven by curiosity, I moved to Ireland a few years ago. I fell in love with the landscapes and the Irish culture, so I decided to live here.

    I’m a person of simple needs: Give me good food (the typical Italian stereotype) and a place immersed in nature, and I’m the happiest person in the world.

    One of my greatest passions is travelling. I backpacked through various parts of the southeast, Asia, and Europe, discovering new cultures, landscapes and dishes. While studying, I lived in various places in Italy, Spain, and Belgium.

    Favourite Place to Play

    One of my earliest memories in Ireland is along the Bundoran coast. Nothing is more rejuvenating than a long walk on the beach while breathing in the smell of the Atlantic Ocean.

    Not a Lot of People Know This

    I always have small pieces of chocolate in my jackets or bags because I love to finish my lunches or dinners with something sweet.

    Education & Experience Read More

    My academic background is in Management and Marketing, Economic Development, and International Relations. Over my college years, I worked in the Hospitality industry. I worked for an NGO in Belgium providing mobility services for needy young people.

    Travel & Biggest Adventure Read More

    I believe that the best way to travel is through a complete immersion in the culture of any country I’m visiting, which is why, on most trips, I volunteered with local families for several weeks.

    One of the best experiences was with a Cambodian family who owned an English school for children in a small village. I lived in their house and helped them with daily English lessons.

    Hobbies & Activities Read More

    I’m passionate about sports. In particular skiing, football and tennis. I love spending time in the kitchen and cooking for myself and the people I love.

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