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    Maud Hennessy

    Maud Hennessy

    Partner Program Coordinator

    Energetic | Empath | Organised

    Mini Bio

    Super organised and passionate about travel, Wilderness Ireland is the ideal match for me to put my skills to good work in creating exciting adventures for people to explore and enjoy Ireland.

    Having visited 42 countries and counting, I love to uncover those less obvious, off-the-beaten-path gems. My passion for travel started during my first-year university interrail journey through Eastern Europe, and it has since evolved into a lifelong pursuit.

    The day I finished my final year exams, I hopped on a plane with a one-year round-the-world ticket. Still, I quickly realised the world was much too big to explore in 12 months, so I abandoned the return flight and spent the next five years in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South and North America. Originally from Cork, I now call the wild coast of Donegal home. You’ll find me by the sea.

    Favourite Place to Play

    Childhood summers spent sailing around each nook and cranny of the West Cork coast mean this area holds a special place in my heart.

    Not a lot of People Know This

    My time spent in India brought me fame – I starred in the hit Bollywood movie ‘Fashion’ and was quoted in Lonely Planet Calcutta.


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