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    Caroline Brennan

    Caroline Brennan

    Adventure Coordinator

    Surprising | Positive | Friendly

    Mini Bio

    Born in Dublin but moving to the UK at a young age, I always dreamt of settling back in Ireland, where I truly felt at home. This has taken longer than expected as my curiosity for travelling paths unknown has veered me backpacking across Southeast Asia, parts of Europe, and then all the way to Outback Australia where I lived for eight years.

    After years abroad, I am finally back home in Ireland which is a dream. Living at the bottom of a mountain on our small farm amongst the sheep and open spaces is where I am meant to be. I love travelling across Ireland to explore its diversity, and learning about Irish history is a real passion of mine.

    Place to Play

    Mullaghmore Beach in Sligo is a favourite place of mine and where I first fell in love with the west of Ireland. I love walking along the beach on a crisp frosty day overlooking the cliffs into the sea at sunset. There is nothing quite like it!

    Not a lot of people know this about me

    I was in a Motown wedding band for years as I saved for my travelling adventures. I was once struck by an Eastern Brown snake in South Australia. Luckily enough, it was only a warning shot, or I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale…

    Education and Experience Read More

    I have an extensive administerial background, particularly in the Agricultural and Cattle industries in Australia. I managed three large properties spanning approx 7,500 acres in South Australia while being accountable for their harvesting schedules, livestock logistics, and agistment costs.

    I originally studied travel and tourism in college, so once back in Ireland, I returned to the hospitality industry. For three years, I worked as a wedding coordinator, ensuring all the little details and extra touches happen on each couple’s special day. My expertise in organisation and attention to detail has led me to a role on the Wilderness Ireland Operations team.

    Travel & Biggest Adventures Read More

    I have backpacked through a vast area of Southeast Asia from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia to Laos and Vietnam. Island hopping and hiking most of the way… it was a dream! My biggest adventure was moving to the centre of Australia into the Outback, 550km south of Alice Springs in the red sand dunes and living amongst real cowboys.

    Hobbies & Activities Read More

    I love going on walks with my family whether it is on the beach, through the woodlands or up mountain trails when I can. Owning a small farm, there is always something to do, and I love getting stuck in jobs in the seasons too. Spring is always such an exciting time with lambs jumping around.

    I also have a passion for Irish music, I play a little bit of guitar and love belting out ballads.

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