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Gift Vouchers


Just like you, when any of our team are passing a special occasion we like to mark it with a slice of cake in the office or a celebratory toast in the pub.

If it’s a major milestone, then we’ll pitch in together to treat them to something really personal and amazing.

Vouchers are valid on any of our holidays

If you have an adventurous family member, friend or colleague that you know would love the opportunity to go on one of our trips, than a Wilderness Ireland gift voucher might be the right thing! Giving people something towards an incredible holiday experience is a unique and thoughtful present guaranteed to bring a sparkle to their eyes.

Be reassured that your lucky chosen one will have a wonderful travel experience with Wilderness Ireland, you can read the un-edited reviews of what our previous travellers thought of their holiday with us.

It’s Easy to Buy a Gift Voucher

Just choose the amount you would like to treat your special person to from the dropdown, click Buy Now and then follow the instructions. You can pay by PayPal, VISA and Mastercard .

Voucher Options

We’ll print your voucher and send it out to the address you give as part of your payment.

We hope your occasion is full of love and look forward to welcoming your adventurous person to the Ireland soon.