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    Your Contribution Makes a Difference in Rural Ireland

    Since the very start, Wilderness Ireland has been committed to conserving and protecting Ireland’s wilderness and countryside for generations to come. Part of our ethos as a company is to share Ireland’s wild places with visitors from all over the world as well as to contribute to the conservation of these beautiful and special places.

    Our team strives to volunteer for various charities and organisations. One of our favourite organisations is the BurrenBeo Trust, a leading conservation charity “dedicated to connecting all of us to our places and our role in caring for them.”

    How it Works

    At Wilderness Ireland, each traveller has the chance to take part in conserving and protecting Ireland’s wilderness and rural ways of life. We take a voluntary contribution of €12  from each traveller joining us on any one of our trips.

    At the end of the year, we donate all of these contributions to the BurrenBeo Trust, used in order to further their conservation projects, such as dry stone walling, archaeological surveys, scrub management, monitoring species, managing the landscape and fighting against invasive species. In addition, BurrenBeo is involved in running workshops for children and adults, organising volunteer groups, and  connecting and educating local communities to generate a sense of informed pride in their heritage and landscape.

    We all admire what the BurrenBeo Trust is doing, and think that out of all the organisations in Ireland, they are leading the way!

    For more information about Wilderness Ireland’s sustainable practices, check out our Sustainability page here.

    The BurrenBeo Trust takes care of the unique limestone landscapes of the Burren National Park.

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    It was an amazing trip. Great cycling, great food and great people. I can truly say that this trip has improved my cycling. I have gained confidence and skills!

    Karen Alexopoulos
    Deluxe Bike Tour - The Kerry Peninsulas
    Reviewed on 12/08/2019

    Rated 4.93 out of 5 based on 418 reviews

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