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Travel from North America to IrelandFrom North America

There are a number of airlines that fly directly to Ireland from major North American cities, with new routes being added annually. Most airline websites have a facility that will allow you to book your domestic connections and trans-atlantic flight on one ticket.

Flights from North America generally land in either Dublin Airport, which has most connections, or Shannon Airport, so please check the departure point of your trip (which will be one or other of these places) before booking.

Aer Lingus  Ireland’s national airline which operates most flights from the USA and Canada in and out of both Dublin and Shannon, with direct flights from Washington, New York, Chicago, Orlando, San Francisco, Toronto and Montreal to Ireland.

A number of US and Canadian airlines also operate direct flights to Dublin and/or Shannon, including:
American Airlines
United Airlines
Air Canada

There is also the option of connecting to Ireland through other European airports, using large international airlines such as KLM, Air France and British Airways

Most of our trips start at either Dublin or Shannon airports.