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Coronavirus - COVID-19

– UPDATED April 3rd at 10:15 BST –

We are working to contact all clients travelling with Wilderness Ireland up to May 3rd. We are offering and recommend postponement of your tour up until April 30th 2022.


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We recognise that you may have questions regarding the impact of Coronavirus / COVID-19 with regards existing and future bookings with us. So that you can make the right travel decisions for you, we are providing, factual, balanced and pragmatic information with links to primary, trusted sources, rather than the mainstream media.

We are working to contact all clients travelling with Wilderness Ireland up to May 3rd. We are offering and recommend postponement of your tour up until April 30th 2022.

It’s hard to avoid the news regarding Coronavirus / COVID-19 at the moment and first and foremost we would like to reassure you that our clients, our team of dedicated experts and our suppliers’ health and safety are of the highest importance to us.

We recognise that each person will be feeling a range of emotions with regards Coronavirus / COVID-19 and how it might affect travel plans to Ireland this year. Ultimately, it is for you to decide and feel comfortable and supported in your decision. As we are sister company to Wilderness Scotland, who are members of AITO and ABTA, we are privy to updates and information as it is published, so please use this page as a means of balance and perspective.

Wilderness Ireland’s Assurance

  • We are closely monitoring the situation regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) and have set up a team dedicated to ensuring that our clients have the seamless experience that’s expected.
  • In the dropdown sections below this message, we cover your travel options should your travel with us be imminent i.e. within the next 3 weeks.
  • With widespread travel advisories in place by multiple governments, we recognise that this is a rapidly evolving situation and are actively contacting our clients that are travelling imminently to arrange postponement. Out-with that period, we will communicate with clients depending on the government travel advice at that time.
  • Please note that the US travel restrictions on flights arriving in the USA from Ireland/Europe do not apply to US citizens returning to the USA.
  • As we always do, we strongly encourage you to take out travel insurance that will provide adequate cover in case your plans change for any reason.
  • Once you have booked a trip with Wilderness Ireland, our terms and conditions apply for any cancellation or postponement of your trip. You can view our booking conditions here.
  • If any restrictions were put in place by Government, the impact of this is likely to be covered by your travel insurance policy, however, you should check this with your provider. Insurance does not usually cover “disinclination to travel” where Government does not advise against travel. You may be able to pay a premium for cancellation for any reason but you must speak to your insurance company about this. It is your responsibility to make sure your travel insurance provides adequate cover.
  • For detailed FAQs please visit this World Health Organisation page.
  • For detailed FAQs/information on the Coronavirus situation specific to Ireland, please check out the HSE (Ireland’s official health service) webpage dedicated to this subject.


Current Situation in Ireland Read More

As of April 3rd, there have been 3,849 confirmed cases within Ireland and 774 in Northern Ireland.

According to the HSE, 80% of the cases are expected to be mild, and only 6% of cases expected to be critical.

It is also important to note that the Irish government are pro-actively putting steps in place to contain the the virus, which is our opinion is a positive and effective approach.

The Irish government’s approach during the COVID 19 outbreak has been focussed on proactive and preventative measures, and we are still in a containment phase. In light of this, starting on March 13th, the Irish government has taken steps to prevent further transmission of COVID 19 in Ireland by preventing social gatherings (notably gatherings of 4 or more people) and encouraging social distancing. In this respect, schools have been closed indefinitely as this is considered a large gathering of people, and remote working has been encouraged. Shops, restaurants, and hotels remain have also been closed for the most part. While this is not a lockdown, these actions taken to ensure everyone’s health and safety as a community.

We recommend you visit the Irish Government website where they are updating the situation daily.

You can also visit the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention website for a risk assessment by each country. Simply click the link, scroll down and click on the country you want to visit.

Finally, we recommend reading the WHO situation reports, which are updated daily and provide an ‘in numbers’ view of the virus.

Travel Advisories Read More

Travel advise for travellers from common locations.

United States   |   Canada   |   Australia   |  United Kingdom

We recommend you check your own government advice with regards travel to Ireland.

Your Current Travel Options with Wilderness Ireland Read More

We want to be clear and transparent, so that you know exactly where you stand if you have booked a holiday with us.

If your trip departs within 8 weeks then we would like to chat over the options with you.

Based upon the current position locally and relevant advice from UK and other governments, you currently have two options available:

  1. Postpone Your Trip (identical trip different date)
    This applies to those that are booked to travel with us on departures starting within 8 weeks.Speak to your Adventure Consultant to see if it would be possible to postpone your trip and travel at a later date. This may result in additional charges depending on the new arrangements we agree with you and any unrecoverable costs we’ve already incurred.If you haven’t already paid your balance then we will require you to do this in order for us to make these new arrangements. To help reduce the cost to you, we will waive the standard €100 administration charge. Deposits remain non-refundable.For trips that we have agreed to postpone, we treat this as agreeing a new contract with Wilderness Ireland and the terms and conditions apply from the date at which the postponement is agreed.
  2. Change Itinerary (different trip in Ireland or with sister company Wilderness Scotland)
    Speak to your Adventure Consultant to see what the options are to change itinerary within Scotland, or to travel with our sister company Wilderness Scotland.This may result in additional charges depending on the new arrangements we agree with you. Equally, it may result in refund for part of your trip. If you haven’t already paid your balance then we will require you to do this in order for us to make these new arrangements.To help reduce the cost to you, we will waive the standard €100 administration charge. Deposits remain non-refundable.


If your trip departs within the next 8 weeks, then let us help you decide which option is best for you. To do this call your travel consultant. From North America, call us Toll Free 1-844-235-6240 or from UK/Europe: +00353 (0)91 457 898.



How to Stay Healthy While Travelling Read More

Frequent and thorough hand-washing with soap for at least 20 seconds is a key method of avoiding contracting and spreading any germs while travelling and is seen as particularly important to avoid Coronavirus / COVID-19. If hand-washing and soap are not available then hand sanitiser is recommended.

Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose unless your hands are clean.

Avoid close contact with people that look or feel unwell, their personal items and any surfaces they may have touched. Maintaining a distance of over 1m is recommended by the World Health Organisation.

If you are on any medication, then pack additional supplies should your return home be postponed.

The World Health Organisation understand that the virus is spread via droplets and those droplets landing on surfaces. It is not airborne and therefore cannot be transmitted through simply being on the same airplane.

We recommend visiting this World Health Organisation page on protective measures you can take to minimise the risk to yourself and others. According to the WHO, you should take the same measures as you would to avoid contracting the flu.

Steps We're Taking to Protect Travellers on our Tours Read More

Our client’s health and safety is of the utmost importance to us and with that in mind you will see below the steps that we are taking to protect you and mitigate the risk of contracting & spreading Coronavirus / COVID-19 while you are travelling on our tours.

  • Each van will be thoroughly sanitised at start and end of the trip.
  • Your van will be provided with hand sanitiser and tissues.
  • We will dispose of any rubbish bag with tissues at the end of every day.
  • We use the sanitising spray to wipe down van surfaces daily.


  • Notify your guide if you are feeling unwell at the earliest opportunity.
  • Meet and greet your guide and other participants with the namaste gesture.
  • Avoid unnecessary personal contact (hugs, kisses, high-fives, hand shakes etc.) and passing around of objects.
  • Please make the effort not to touch your face and follow the personal hygiene recommendations.
  • Wash your hands properly and often.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you cough and sneeze.
  • Put used tissues into a bin and wash your hands.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are not well.
  • Stay at home if you are sick to help stop the spread of whatever infection you may have.


  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.
  • Do not share objects that touch your mouth – for example, bottles.
  • Do not pass your phone or camera to others.

Above all we want to be as respectful of each of our client’s feelings and concerns surrounding Coronavirus / COVID-19 and we would request that if you are travelling with us, that you make your feelings known in an understanding and respectful way to your guide, so that they, in turn, can make any necessary adjustments and relay information as appropriate to the group.


Importance of Travel Insurance Read More

As always it is important that you have adequate travel insurance which covers your specific needs, including any known medical conditions or activities you plan to do.

It is also worth checking the detail of the policy around travel disruption including delays or cancellations as policies do vary.

The Association of British Insurers has a Q & A that is more relevant for travellers from the UK but raises useful questions to put to your own insurer, no matter which country you reside in.

We encourage every traveller to take out Cancel for Any Reason insurance. It’s more costly but should provide you with further reassurance, provided that you check the small print.

What to Do if You're Unwell When Travelling in Ireland Read More

The symptoms of Coronavirus / COVID-19 are:

  • A cough – this can be any kind of cough, not just dry
  • A raised temperature (over 37.3 C / 99.1 F)
  • Shortness of breath

This does not necessarily mean that you have the virus but the advice of the Irish government and the HSE (Ireland’s national health service) is that when travelling in Ireland, you call 112 or 999 (Ireland’s emergency services) if you suspect you have symptoms.

While travelling in Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK), the UK Government advises that you call 111.

It is requested that you do not visit a doctor’s surgery, hospital or pharmacy.

For more information we recommend you visit the following pages:

World Health Organisation Travel Advice

In the video by the World Health Organisation, they present their advice on international travel while the Coronavirus / COVID-19 is circulating.

It is a very useful question and answer session with Dr Carmen Dolea, Head of International Health Regulations at the World Health Organisation.

We have watched it in its entirety and it is very reassuring, however the first 2:30 mins are most relevant to travellers that have already booked and those that are planning to.

More Information

For more information about Coronavirus / COVID-19 please check out the following page on

World Health Organisation

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