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    Ronan Shaw Guide

    Ronan Shaw

    Patient | Energetic | Curious

    Mini Bio

    When I tell people I grew up in Dublin, they don’t picture a single-lane road with grass in the middle and sheep grazing behind my house. I grew up following my father around the fields and learned how to reach the seaside through hidden gaps in hedges.

    As a teenager, I headed west to study Outdoor Education, and for over a decade, my address changed regularly as I travelled, first throughout Ireland, then abroad, chasing adventures on far-flung peaks and down remote rivers. Now I’ve made a permanent base in the northwest of Ireland. I’m passionate about sharing my love of our beautiful country with anyone willing to share an adventure with me.

    Favourite Place to Play

    Of our coastal counties, Leitrim has the shortest coastline, but it packs in two rivers, a plethora of surf spots, and bouldering on the shore. The best part? All of it is overlooked by the beautiful plateau mountains of the Darty Hills. Hard to beat it, really!

    Not a lot of People Know This

    I used to get my kicks from karate and competed in two world championships, winning bronze twice.

    Experience & Education Read More
    • A degree in Outdoor Education
    • Certified as a Mountain Leader
    • Rock Climbing Leader
    • Trail Cycle Leader (for mountain biking)
    • Kayaking instructor
    • I sat my first remote first aid course 15 years ago and have renewed it every few years since.
    Travel/Biggest Adventure Read More

    I’ve been to over 20 countries and had many adventures. That said, my first time to Africa, which I did solo, still loams large in my memory. I booked a flight and little else. After a frighting car journey from the airport, where the taxi nearly hit several people on the unlit dirt roads, I arrived at 2 am to find myself alone and the hostel gates locked.

    After a night of sleeping rough, I found a bed and spent the next two months travelling on motorbikes with my kayak between me and the drivers, paddling the rapids of the White Nile, sleeping in mud huts or with just a net between me and the stars.

    Favourite Activities Read More

    I go through phases of loving different activities including sailing, windsurfing, skiing, and ice climbing. Currently, mountain biking is my favourite way to experience nature, but kayaking has been my undying passion. In fact, I’ve had a girlfriend jealous of how much I love my boat!

    Our holidays reviewed
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    The little details are what set a guided tour with Wilderness Ireland apart from other touring groups -- the stops for coffee, the chat with the female brewmaster, the tasty treats included in the packed lunches, the visit to the woodmaker, and the perfectly selected locations for dinners and pints of Guinness or tumblers of whiskey. I would most definitely book a tour with Wilderness Ireland again!

    Lorri Knaus
    Hiking - The Dingle Way
    Reviewed on 16/05/2022

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