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    MK Pascoe

    Assistant Content Manager

    Enthusiastic | Learner | Traveller

    Mini Bio

    American born, I grew up camping, hiking, and participating in Midwestern float trips. I first came to Ireland while studying abroad in the UK and have been back many times since. As a stereotypical American who has always grown up saying that I’m Irish (we have proof in the family bible; it was just 150 years ago!), setting foot on The Emerald Isle for the first time was like a dream. Although based in Scotland now, I still try to hop over as often as possible.

    Place to Play

    Being a giant history nerd, Boyne Valley is my favourite place to play. Visiting Newgrange and the Hills of Tara is one of my absolute favourite experiences.

    Not A Lot of People Know This

    After running out of ranch dressing while being unable to visit the US during the pandemic, I now make sure to always have at least three Costco-sized bottles of mix in the house.

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